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Dominic Teo

Sr. Pre Sales Consultant (APAC-SG)

Dominic started his career at a time where organizations were happy to store their data in tables, rows, and columns. Spanning over 14 years in the realm of databases, Hadoops, and NoSQLs, Dominic brings with him valuable experiences (and networks) from the domains of manufacturing, systems integration, national defence, finance, and law enforcement. He is currently driving the adoption of Graph Data Platform as Neo4j’s Senior Presales Consultant. Outside of tech, he enjoys spending his spare time with his wife and two adorable kids to remind himself that life is also about “connecting people” like family and friends.

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From Law Enforcement to Graph Technology

From Law Enforcement to Graph Technology: An Unlikely Relationship

After spending 14 years in data technology and most recently working in law enforcement for Interpol out of Singapore, I was drawn (again) into the realm of connected data and decided to take the leap of "Graith" (Graph + Faith). So Why Did I Join Neo4j? It was a timely opportunity,... read more