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Eva Delier

Senior Marketing Manager, EMEA, Neo4j

Eva is EMEA Senior Marketing Manager at Neo4j. She jumped into the start-up scene and has been a part of the graph world for the past six years. She likes getting people excited by capturing stories that inspire clients and users to do more with the relationships within their data. That’s why she is one of those people telling you that graphs are everywhere and why they matter to you.

Building marketing expertise for the past 15 years, Eva has worked for global and mid-sized companies in different industries, but always related to technology. Prior to Neo4j, she was Head of Marketing – Energy & Utilities at Accenture France.

In addition, Eva is a strong culture advocate especially interested in Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion efforts. When not putting the spotlight on graphs, she fulfills her love of travel, food, and aerial sports.

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