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Florent Biville

Neo4j Ambassador

Florent Biville is a software developer and trainer, as well as a Neo4j ambassador. He has a passion for open source, well-crafted software and knowledge sharing in general.

He lives in Paris, France, where he organizes several meetups, namely Hackergarten, Spring Meetup and Papers We Love. He currently works for Criteo, an awesome company setting the worldwide trend in advertising retargeting and hiring worldwide!

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Check your user-defined functions & user-defined procedures with the Neo4j Procedure Compiler

Write Safer User-Defined Functions & Procedures with the Neo4j Procedure Compiler

As you may probably know, Neo4j 3.0 introduced a concept familiar to database users: user-defined procedures. Neo4j 3.1 came out a bit later with another familiar addition: user-defined functions. Neo4j 3.2 will even allow custom aggregate functions. What it means is that you are now able to... read more