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Florent Biville

Senior Software Engineer at Neo4j

Florent Biville is a France-based software developer. He organizes the hack-commit-push conference, helping people contribute their first free/open-source contribution.
He works for Neo4j, a company you are likely familiar with? 🙂

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A Timely Update to the Bolt Protocol

The Persistence of Memory by Salvador DalíOur main mission in the Drivers team is to offer an idiomatic and consistent developer experience, regardless of the target programming language and Neo4j deployment topology.Consistency manifests itself in the concepts and API the various... read more

Graph Refactoring: The Hard Way

As a famous hero once said: With data model flexibility comes great responsibility.The schema optionality of Neo4j is convenient for rapid prototyping but can turn into quite the nightmare if the data complexity is not tamed as the dataset grows over time.In scenarios like data import, the... read more

Check your user-defined functions & user-defined procedures with the Neo4j Procedure Compiler

Write Safer User-Defined Functions & Procedures with the Neo4j Procedure Compiler

As you may probably know, Neo4j 3.0 introduced a concept familiar to database users: user-defined procedures. Neo4j 3.1 came out a bit later with another familiar addition: user-defined functions. Neo4j 3.2 will even allow custom aggregate functions. What it means is that you are now able to... read more