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Gerrit Meier

Software Engineer

Gerrit is a software developer, Java and web addicted, and always looking for new things to learn. He tries to make the world better by sharing knowledge and ideas. He is co-leader of the JUG Ostfalen and last but not least open source committer.

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Using Spring for GraphQL With Spring Data Neo4j

A few weeks ago, version 1.2.0 of Spring for GraphQL was released with a bunch of new features. This also includes even better integration with Spring Data modules. Motivated by those changes, more support in Spring Data Neo4j has been added, to give the best experience when using it in combination... read more

Learn about Spring Data Neo4j RX.

Spring Data Neo4j RX 1.0 Is Now Available

Over the last year, we developed a new version of Spring Data Neo4j here at Neo4j, and we are proud to announce its general availability: Spring Data Neo4j RX 1.0 (or short SDN/RX). Spring All the Way Spring Data Neo4j RX is not dependent on any Object Graph Mapper library, but brings all... read more