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Graeme Rocher

Co-Founder & Project Lead, Grails

Graeme Rocher is Co-Founder and Project Lead for Grails. Graeme has worked in the software development field for more than 20 years and has expertise in Grails, Groovy, web development, dynamic languages and the JVM. Graeme leads the development of the Grails framework at OCI in St. Louis, Missouri. Graeme is co-author of The Definitive Guide to Grails.

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Learn how to use GORM, Groovy and Spring Boot for object mapping in Neo4j

Neo4j Object Mapping with GORM, Groovy and Spring Boot [Community Post]

Mapping object models to the Neo4j graph in languages such as Java and Groovy may be immensely convenient when developing your application, but has the danger of obfuscating the power of Neo4j. With the recently released GORM for Neo4j 6.1 at OCI, the home of the core Grails team, we built a... read more