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Product Manager for Neo4j Developer Tools, Neo4j

Greg King is the Product Manager for Neo4j Developer Tools

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Neo4j DevTools Update: Workspace, MultiDB, Editors

These last few months, we’ve been working hard to make your development experience in Workspace better, finally bringing you some features you’ve been accustomed to in Neo4j Browser (multi-db support!) and powering up existing features with greatly improved Cypher editors and table... read more

Neo4j DevTools – Better in Neo4j Workspace

For the last few months, we’ve been toiling away to bring you a more cohesive and integrated developer experience in Neo4j Workspace. Workspace gives you access to your graph tools in one coherent place and is available now in Aura Free and Professional.This update full of goodness is long... read more

Neo4j Data Importer — Introducing File Filtering

The latest release of Neo4j Data Importer introduces a new way to load more data sources without the need for pre-processing. By allowing you to apply simple filters to files we’re enabling loads in more scenarios, including:Generally keeping data relevant from only certain rows in a file... read more

Importing Your Data Into Neo4j Just Got Even Easier

Earlier this year, we introduced a new tool, Data Importer, to help users easily import their flat file data into Neo4j’s graph database without writing a single line of code.It works by simply providing your flat file data (CSV or TSV) to the Data Importer web interface, modeling the... read more

Neo4j DevTools “It’s Finally Spring Here” Release

With winter officially behind us, we at Neo4j have been busy in the workshop sharpening our (Dev)Tools with meticulous precision to bring you the latest releases. In this release, we’ve got new features to further improve your data load experience in the new Neo4j Data Importer. Thank you to... read more

Brightening Up Your Development Experience with Neo4j DevTools

The DevTools blog has been a little quiet since my last installment back when summer still seemed like a distinct possibility.With the winter nights drawing in for those of us in the Northern hemisphere, we’re back once more to brighten up your development experience. First off, here are our... read more

New and Noteworthy: Neo4j Developer Tools

New and Noteworthy: Neo4j Developer Tools

Neo4j Browser melds new with old and Neo4j Desktop gets more capable on WindowsHot on the heels of the Neo4j 4.3 release last month, we also recently released the latest versions of our Neo4j DevTools Browser and Desktop. Check out this installment to find out what you can expect with the... read more

Neo4j Browser Embraces the Monaco Editor

Imagine having a bit of VS Code at your fingertips when writing Cypher queries, and then telling us all about it.Neo4j Browser 4.2.4 launched last week, and with it brings exciting changes to improve your experience when writing and running Cypher queries. The latest Browser is available to... read more