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Greta Workman

Product Marketing Manager, Neo4j

Greta Workman has been a part of the Neo4j team for over four years. She’s enjoyed watching the graph community grow through events like GraphConnect which has more than doubled during her time at Neo4j. She currently oversees field marketing for the eastern half of the U.S. In her spare time, she enjoys solving the daily New York Times crossword puzzle and watching University of Kentucky basketball.

Latest Posts by Greta Workman

Exploring Drug Interactions: 5-Minute Interview with Amin Jalali

"Graph visualization helps with communication as well as analysis," said Amin Jalali, a researcher at Stockholm University. Complex problems are perfectly suited to a native graph database like Neo4j, which fully reflects the reality of vast connected data. Interactions between all the... read more

The Power of Graph Data Science: 5-Minute Interview with Alicia Frame

"When do you use graph data science? When relationships matter. If there are no relationships among the things you're trying to predict, you probably don't need us, but odds are, there are," said The third use case is around targeted marketing. If I have a message that I want to communicate... read more

Graphs Everywhere: 5-Minute Interview with Jean Villedieu, Co-Founder of Linkurious

"What's exciting for me about Neo4j and graphs is the breadth of use cases I see on a daily basis," said Jean Villedieu, co-founder of Linkurious. Linkurious is a graph analytics and visualization startup that helps clients across industries extract key insights from graph data stored in... read more

Mind-Blowing Knowledge Graphs: 5-Minute Interview with Mayank Gupta, SVP of Data, LPL Financial

"Graphs are an incredibly powerful structure," said graphs as a data structure. I know all of us in comp-sci had graph theory in school. But, at least for me personally, the applications were difficult to see. We all learned about the traveling salesman problem, and so on. But seeing how graphs... read more

Unlimited Possibilities: 5-Minute Interview with David Mohr

"My favorite thing about Neo4j is that the technology is such a game changer for how our customers are leveraging data. It's so different from what they've been doing. And it really drives a lot of value for their business," said Dave Mohr, director of North American East Region sales for... read more

Augmented Intelligence: 5-Minute Interview with Demian Bellumio, NEORIS

"Most enterprises have the issue that data is disconnected, and graph could be the glue that brings it all together," said Demian Bellumio, Global VP of Augmented Intelligence, NEORIS. NEORIS is a digital accelerator that services companies in industries such as tech and media, financial... read more

Lean Graph Data Models Drive Fast Innovation: A Fireside Chat with David Fox, Senior Software Engineer at Adobe

"For overhauling our infrastructure in Cassandra, we went from a 50 terabyte Cassandra dataset to a 50 gigabyte Neo4j dataset and a lot of people are very surprised by that. And that's what attracts the most questions and attention," said David Fox, Senior Software Engineer at Adobe. In this... read more

Check out this 5-minute interview about Neo4j Bloom.

See Your Graphs in Bloom: The 5-Minute Interview with Anurag Tandon, Neo4j

A graph database like Neo4j allows much greater flexibility than a traditional relational database, and this is especially true for businesses that need to be able to visualize the connections in their data. In this week's five-minute interview (conducted at GraphTour NYC 2019), Anurag Tandon... read more

Why Leading Telecoms Use Neo4j: The 5-Minute Interview with Jesús Barrasa, Global Director of Telecoms at Neo4j

"Neo4j not only gives you an accurate and timely representation of your network with all the services and all the elements involved in the delivery of those services, but it’s also a platform where you can build logic that will simplify and accelerate automation," said Jesús Barrasa, Global... read more

Find out more about the highlights of the GraphConnect 2020 two-day speaker agenda.

GraphConnect 2020 Agenda: Everything You Need to Know

The health and safety of our community, partners and employees are of the utmost importance to Neo4j. After monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely, we have decided to postpone GraphConnect 2020 in New York City to 2021. We are actively scoping locations for GraphConnect 2021. Learn everything... read more

Learn how your Neo4j project could be recognized with a Graphie Award at GraphConnect 2020.

The Graphie Awards: What They Are & How to Win One at GraphConnect 2020

The health and safety of our community, partners and employees are of the utmost importance to Neo4j. After monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely, we have decided to postpone GraphConnect 2020 in New York City to 2021. We are actively scoping locations for GraphConnect 2021. Learn everything... read more

Relationships Mean Retention: The 5-Minute Interview with Realogy’s Neerav Vyas

"Neo4j really helps us to truly understand the ecosystem and get a human-centered view of our business," said Neerav Vyas, Head of Analytics at Realogy Holdings. Realogy Holdings, the world's largest real estate company, benefits from using Neo4j in a number of ways, from customer... read more

Neo4j 4.0 Security Rocks: The 5-Minute Interview with Michal Bachman, CEO, GraphAware

"I love the ability to apply security on nodes and relationships in a very flexible way. I’ve already shown it to some of our customers, and they love it as well," said Michal Bachman, CEO at GraphAware. As the founder of GraphAware, Michal Bachman has helped dozens of customers implement... read more

Answering the Money Question: The 5-Minute Interview with Omar Azhar, Senior Manager Advanced Analytics at EY

"For a lot of our clients, being able to visualize their data is huge because they've never been able to do that," said Omar Azhar, Senior Manager Advanced Analytics at Ernst & Young . Ernst & Young has brought graph technology into the financial services realm, from back-end IT all the way to... read more

Check out this 5-minute interview with Jennifer Reif.

Creating Aha Moments for Developers: The 5-Minute Interview with Jennifer Reif, Developer Relations Engineer at Neo4j

"Even something as simple as mapping your IT network, which really makes sense when you look at it as a graph, takes the concept of graph and makes it a little bit more tangible," said Jennifer Reif, Developer Relations Engineer at Neo4j. A graph database like Neo4j is different from what most... read more

Check out this interview with Lyft about using Neo4j.

Live from Lyft: Q&A with Mark Grover, Product Manager at Lyft

For more videos like this one, check out upcoming and on-demand video content in the Neo4j Webinar library. Mark Grover is a product manager at Lyft, working on data projects. He is a founder of the open-source data discovery platform Amundsen, which we'll be getting into today.... read more

Discover the must-see speakers at this year's GraphConnect 2018.

11 Must-See Speakers at GraphConnect 2018 in New York City

There are a lot of great reasons to attend GraphConnect 2018, but one of the best reasons is that every year we feature a fresh, new lineup of the world’s best graph experts sharing their experiences on how graph database technology impacted their business. This year’s GraphConnect is no... read more

Ten reasons why you must attend GraphConnect 2018 in New York City.

The Top 10 Reasons to Attend GraphConnect 2018 in New York City

Once again, GraphConnect makes its way back to the vibrant island of Manhattan this autumn! Whether you’re new to the world of graph database technology or you’ve been a part of the movement for some time, there’s something new for everybody at this year’s event. Here are just a few of... read more

Let us know what advice you'd like to share with first-time conference presenters at GraphConnect

What Advice Do *You* Have for a First-Time GraphConnect Presenter? [Submit Your Tips & Tricks]

Calling all conference speakers (and seasoned audience members)! In case you missed the news, we recently opened up the Call for Papers (CFP) for GraphConnect 2018. In our effort to make all presenters feel welcome and to help them reach their full potential, we want to put together a list of... read more

Learn all about the GA release of Neo4j 3.1 and the live launch event introducing it to the world

We’re Releasing It Live: Neo4j 3.1 GA Launch Event

You already know about Neo4j 3.1 from its beta launch at GraphConnect last October. Now the general availability release of Neo4j is less than two weeks away! That's right, Neo4j 3.1 will become production ready on Tuesday, 13 December 2016, and we're inviting you to a live launch event with... read more

Learn more about the new Neo4j Ambassador program and meet the 2016 Neo4j Ambassadors

Introducing the Neo4j Ambassador Program

Potentially the best thing about working on the Neo4j team is getting to experience the passion and excitement of our remarkable community. Don’t get me wrong – sitting in the park with Emil and his adorable one-year-old daughter during a fika is pretty stellar. Actually, that might rank... read more

Why Enterprises Are Abandoning RDBMS (and Adopting Graphs)

Why Enterprises Are Abandoning RDBMS (and Adopting Graphs)

Relational databases (RDBMS) were conceived to digitize paper forms and automate well-structured business processes, and they are still extremely relevant today. But, many companies are choosing to explore other database options to solve some of their biggest challenges. Why? The Shortcomings... read more

Learn Everything You Need to Know for Successful Graph Data Modeling in This Webinar by Mark Needham

Everything You Need to Know for Graph Data Modeling Success

It’s the new year, and you’ve just started your next app or side project. After spending some time thinking through your use cases and end user experience, you recognize how important data storage will be. Several concerns come to mind. The first is that the sheer volume of your data is... read more

Learn What’s on This Year’s GraphConnect San Francisco Speaking Agenda

The GraphConnect San Francisco Agenda is Here!

You already know all about why you should attend GraphConnect and who some of our top-notch speakers are going to be. Now it’s time for the best part: the full-fledged agenda of all the talks, meetups and activities you’ll see at the world’s leading graph database conference. See the full... read more