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Greta Workman

Product Marketing Manager, Neo4j

Greta Workman has been a part of the Neo4j team for over four years. She’s enjoyed watching the graph community grow through events like GraphConnect which has more than doubled during her time at Neo4j. She currently oversees field marketing for the eastern half of the U.S. In her spare time, she enjoys solving the daily New York Times crossword puzzle and watching University of Kentucky basketball.

Latest Posts by Greta Workman

Graphs for Real-Time Transaction Processing: 5-Minute Interview with Jorge Zaccaro

“Once we noticed that we were modeling transactions as a graph, we went out to look for a native graph database and we found that Neo4j was a great fit for this use case,” said Jorge Zaccaro, Software Engineer at Minka. How does Neo4j help you solve that problem? We describe our use... read more

Leading the Global Growth of Graphs: The 5-Minute Interview with GraphAware

"Every organization in this world will have graphs, and we want to be the most trusted partner on everybody's graph journey. Our mission is to help people adopt graph technologies by sharing expertise and building tools that make it very easy," said Michal Bachman, CEO of... read more

Graph in the Auto Industry: The 5-Minute Interview with Elena Kohlwey

"Neo4j was really helpful with our problem. What used to take weeks and weeks and a group of highly experienced engineers now only takes minutes and some clicks," said Elena Kohlwey, Digital Engineering Specialist with RLE. Today’s 5-minute interview is with Graphie Award winner Elena Kohlwey,... read more

Graphs in China: 5-Minute Interview with Richard Wu & George Zhang

“Graph technology can be used in, for example, Chinese medicine, museum collection management, as well as knowledge graphs for copyright management. Those were all areas we never thought we would be touching,” said Richard Wu, co-founder of Beijing We-Yun Data Co. In this week’s... read more

Dimensions in the Data: 5-Minute Interview with Benjamin Squire

"The most surprising result was really seeing how connected the data was. I used to think that we knew this data really well when we looked at it individually from each different data stream, but when you combine them all together and you actually look at the datasets as a whole, it makes you... read more

Energy leader Enel X uses Neo4j for IoT

Mapping IoT to the Graph: 5-Minute Interview with Per Gyllstrom

"If you think about IoT and the hierarchical structure of how IoT works, it's a natural mapping to a graph database. We previously used relational databases, but in a graph, all the relationships are compiled so it's a lot faster and more natural to navigate and use," said Per Gyllstrom,... read more

Simplifying Data Visualization: 5-Minute Interview with Varun Bhandary

"I've been working about 10 years in data visualization engineering and the analytic space. There have been so many occasions when I've thought, 'There should be an easier way of doing this.' It turns out that most of the time those problems were graph problems," said Varun Bhandary, solutions... read more

Data Science and Design Thinking: The 5-Minute Interview with Stefan Wendin, Neo4j Innovation Lab

"The Innovation Lab is a concept that we developed, bringing the best of data science and design thinking together," said Stefan Wendin, Global Head of Business Design and Strategic Programs, Neo4j. In this week's five-minute interview (conducted at GraphTour), Stefan Wendin gives an overview... read more

An Explosion of Use Cases: 5-Minute Interview with Rik Van Bruggen

"I think the performance and the security features are really going to open up new types of applications. That's the beauty of working in an open core company like Neo4j," said Rik Van Bruggen, Vice President for Sales, Neo4j. In this week's five-minute interview (conducted at GraphTour... read more

The Lean-In Moment: 5-Minute Interview with Paul Westcott

"GraphTour is something that allows us to think differently. We have one-to-one sessions and we're able to collaborate, but it's nice to come to something like this and see other people and how they're using graph technology," said Paul Westcott, Product Director at Dun & Bradstreet. If company... read more

Connecting the Molecules: 5-Minute Interview with Matthew Sellwood

"When you use the Graph Data Science library, you can actually look at which fragments of the molecule are most highly connected to other fragments and which give you the biggest change in a certain property," said Matthew Sellwood, Product Manager at IQVIA. A graph data model faithfully... read more

Predicting Fraud: 5-Minute Interview with Marius Hartmann

"There's a risk that your fraud detection becomes anecdotal because you become accustomed to certain addresses or names. You risk emphasizing the small-time fraudsters instead of the clever ones. The clever ones are the ones that don't usually get caught," said Marius Hartmann, Chief Advisor,... read more

Check out this 5-minute interview with the co-founder of Planethon.

Planet R&D: 5-Minute Interview with Fredrik Wikholm

"We need to listen to a bigger Earth system of how we extract resources, how we build things, how we look at whatever is the byproduct, and so on and so forth. But there's still a lot of guessing," said Fredrik Wikholm, Business Director and Co-Founder of Planethon, a company whose mission is to... read more

Bringing Sustainability Science to Life: 5-Minute Interview with Carina Johed

"Our goal is to bridge social ecological sustainability out to the business world and to create a link between what needs to be done and the people trying to solve the problems," said Carina Johed, CTO and co-founder of Planethon, a company whose mission is to create a planet-positive... read more

Exploring Drug Interactions: 5-Minute Interview with Amin Jalali

"Graph visualization helps with communication as well as analysis," said Amin Jalali, a researcher at Stockholm University. Complex problems are perfectly suited to a native graph database like Neo4j, which fully reflects the reality of vast connected data. Interactions between all the... read more

The Power of Graph Data Science: 5-Minute Interview with Alicia Frame

"When do you use graph data science? When relationships matter. If there are no relationships among the things you're trying to predict, you probably don't need us, but odds are, there are," said The third use case is around targeted marketing. If I have a message that I want to communicate... read more

Graphs Everywhere: 5-Minute Interview with Jean Villedieu, Co-Founder of Linkurious

"What's exciting for me about Neo4j and graphs is the breadth of use cases I see on a daily basis," said Jean Villedieu, co-founder of Linkurious. Linkurious is a graph analytics and visualization startup that helps clients across industries extract key insights from graph data stored in... read more

Mind-Blowing Knowledge Graphs: 5-Minute Interview with Mayank Gupta, SVP of Data, LPL Financial

"Graphs are an incredibly powerful structure," said graphs as a data structure. I know all of us in comp-sci had graph theory in school. But, at least for me personally, the applications were difficult to see. We all learned about the traveling salesman problem, and so on. But seeing how graphs... read more

Unlimited Possibilities: 5-Minute Interview with David Mohr

"My favorite thing about Neo4j is that the technology is such a game changer for how our customers are leveraging data. It's so different from what they've been doing. And it really drives a lot of value for their business," said Dave Mohr, director of North American East Region sales for... read more

Augmented Intelligence: 5-Minute Interview with Demian Bellumio, NEORIS

"Most enterprises have the issue that data is disconnected, and graph could be the glue that brings it all together," said Demian Bellumio, Global VP of Augmented Intelligence, NEORIS. NEORIS is a digital accelerator that services companies in industries such as tech and media, financial... read more

Lean Graph Data Models Drive Fast Innovation: A Fireside Chat with David Fox, Senior Software Engineer at Adobe

"For overhauling our infrastructure in Cassandra, we went from a 50 terabyte Cassandra dataset to a 50 gigabyte Neo4j dataset and a lot of people are very surprised by that. And that's what attracts the most questions and attention," said David Fox, Senior Software Engineer at Adobe. In this... read more

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See Your Graphs in Bloom: The 5-Minute Interview with Anurag Tandon, Neo4j

A graph database like Neo4j allows much greater flexibility than a traditional relational database, and this is especially true for businesses that need to be able to visualize the connections in their data. In this week's five-minute interview (conducted at GraphTour NYC 2019), Anurag Tandon... read more

Why Leading Telecoms Use Neo4j: The 5-Minute Interview with Jesús Barrasa, Global Director of Telecoms at Neo4j

"Neo4j not only gives you an accurate and timely representation of your network with all the services and all the elements involved in the delivery of those services, but it’s also a platform where you can build logic that will simplify and accelerate automation," said Jesús Barrasa, Global... read more