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Harry Corfield

Data & Technology Architect, Chief Data & AI Office at Telstra

Harry Corfield is an experienced Data & Technology Architect with 17+ years in Telstra’s Chief Data & AI Office; Chief Technology Office – Big Data; Network Data & Automation; and Network Services.

He enjoys leading solutions to business problems by making the most of data, technology, people, and process. Harry has received Group Executive Awards in 2016 & 2021 for his Data & Technology Leadership, and a Neo4j Graphie Award in 2021.

Harry has a Graduate Certificate of Data Science, Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Technology Management and Bachelor of Business – Computing. He is a Member of the EDM Council, DAMA Australia, and the Australian Computer Society.

Harry is married with two children and enjoys spending time with them. He is also a Certified Master Instructor in Taekwondo, kickboxing, self defence, and weapons.

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