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Janos Szendi-Varga

About Janos Szendi-Varga, Senior Consultant at GraphAware

Janos Szendi-Varga is a Senior Consultant at GraphAware. Janos has gained 17 years of experience in IT projects for companies such as Nokia, T-Mobile, Erste Bank, Hungarian Telekom, Makedonski Telekom, Ericsson and many more. He was involved in many areas of IT, like testing, developing, architecting, project managing, strategy planning, innovating and mobile development.

He is a fan of data analytics and big data techniques. A few years ago he started to discover different noSQL solutions, and he finally found graph databases. It started with a few pet projects and meetups, and now he is the ambassador of Neo4j and he work as a senior consultant at a Neo4j consultancy company, GraphAware.

In addition to his professional background, he is committed to spreading his experience and he is the main organizer of the Neo4j Budapest meetup. Janos holds an MSc in Information Technologies and an MSc in Economics.

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