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Jean Villedieu

About Jean Villedieu, Co-Founder, Linkurious

Jean Villedieu is passionate about innovation and information technologies.

He is the co-founder of Linkurious SAS, a French start-up specialized in graph database visualization.

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Graph-Based Enterprise Architecture Management

Today, enterprise architects are required to deliver insights quickly and make sense of large amounts of enterprise data (business knowledge, application information, technology assets, etc.). In this process, understanding and modeling interdependencies between entities is key. With relationships at the… Read more →

Detect & Investigate Financial Crime Patterns with Linkurious

Linkurious is a Bronze sponsor of GraphConnect San Francisco. Meet their team on October 13-14th at the Hyatt Regency SF. Using Graphs to Fight Financial Crime Financial crime can take many forms: money laundering, terrorism funding, corruption, tax evasion, insurance… Read more →