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News Editor, Neo4j

Jessica Baumgardner has been writing professionally for about seven years, with experience in journalism, public relations and marketing. While she’s written for a wide range of industries, her greatest interest is in the technology space. When she’s not writing blogs, emails or e-books, Jessica enjoys life in Chicago with her husband Paul and their two dogs, Gus and Dora. She’s also loves reading, baking, photography and drinking coffee.

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Learn about social knowledge graphs to improve remote collaboration.

#GraphCast: How a Social Knowledge Graph Improves Remote Collaboration

Welcome to this week's #GraphCast – our series featuring what you might have missed in Neo4j media from the past fortnight. Last time, our Managing Editor, Jocelyn Hoppa, shared Getting Started with the Arrows Tool which walked us through the fundamentals of data modeling for your graph... read more

Here are the 2019 graph happenings, including Neo4j Aura’s launch and the NODES online conference.

A Year in Review: Neo4j’s Top 9 Biggest News & Announcements of 2019

Is it a little over the top to say that 2019 was an historic year for the graph technology space? I don’t think so! Even in the fast-paced and ever-evolving tech world, there were a few moments that seemed to shape the trajectory of the graph database industry in 2019 and into the... read more

You don’t want to miss these seven videos highlighting major Neo4j moments from the past year.

The Top 7 Neo4j Videos of 2019

In lieu of our bi-weekly #GraphCast, we thought we would share some of the best Neo4j videos from 2019. Consider this an almost-New Year’s Eve celebration of all things video. (No order or favorites here. Just cool videos in a random order!) Here are the some of the must-watch videos from... read more

Graphs on GPUs: 5-Minute Interview with Saul Rosales

"As customers work with larger data lakes I see that visualization is playing a big part, especially in security," said Saul Rosales, Vice President of Sales for Graphistry, Inc. In this week's five-minute interview (conducted at GraphTour SF 2019), we talk with Saul Rosales about how Graphistry... read more

Watch this discussion on graph databases.

#GraphCast: “All Graph Databases Are Not Created Equal”

Welcome to this week's #GraphCast – our series featuring what you might have missed in Neo4j media from the past fortnight. Last time, our Managing Editor, Jocelyn Hoppa, pointed us to the classic presentation “Graph Databases Will Change Your Freakin’ Life.” This is a must-see video... read more

Not Everyone Is a Data Scientist: 5-Minute Interview with Sony Green

"Graph is a great starting point because it really is much closer to the way humans think about things than tabular data," said Sony Green, director of business development and cofounder of Kineviz. Kineviz's GraphXR is a browser-based visualization tool that brings speed, power and flexibility... read more

Catch this week's GraphCast: How Lyft Drives Data Discovery

#GraphCast: How Lyft Drives Data Discovery

Welcome to this week's #GraphCast – our series featuring what you might have missed in Neo4j media from the past fortnight. Last time, our Managing Editor, Jocelyn Hoppa, shared a reminder that GraphConnect 2020 Early Bird pricing is ending soon – as in October 1 soon! Don’t forget to sign... read more

Check out this 5-minute interview with Atul Gupta of Digitate

Context for AI Ops: 5-Minute Interview with Atul Gupta

"We didn't realize there was something that could understand relationships, dependencies and interdependencies, and could be so easy to use as well," said Atul Gupta, Head of Alliances at Digitate, a strategic business unit of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). Enterprise IT can be visualized... read more

Catch this week’s 5-Minute Interview with Anirban Chatterjee and Keshav Ranganathan of IBM as they discuss the company's strategic partnership with Neo4j.

The 5-Minute Interview: Anirban Chatterjee & Keshav Ranganathan, IBM

"As the relationship really started to take shape, we realized what the two technologies could solve much more effectively when they worked together," said Keshav Ranganathan, Senior Offering Manager at IBM Power Systems. The Neo4j partnership with IBM Power Systems is one of many that have been... read more

Explore all of the great articles created by the Neo4j community in December 2016

From the Neo4j Community: December 2016

The Neo4j community is already off to a busy start for the new year with tons of new projects and drivers, but before we dive into new items from 2017, let's take one last look at 2016 and discover what projects the Neo4j community published last December. From Docker and Elixir to Bolt and... read more

See all the great articles and content from the Neo4j community published in October 2016

From the Neo4j Community: October 2016

October was a big month for the Neo4j community – not only was there GraphConnect San Francisco (catch video recordings here), but also the beta launch of Neo4j 3.1. Beyond that, the Neo4j community was doing what it does best – being awesome and creating cool projects like the ones featured... read more

Explore All of the Great Articles & Blog Posts Created by the Neo4j Community in March 2016

From the Neo4j Community: February 2016

In the Neo4j community last month, love was in the air. That love expressed itself as more nodes than ever in our community content. From articles and podcasts to GraphGists and other projects, our global graph of community members keeps growing strong! Below we've rolled out the red carpet... read more