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Jim Webber & Rik Van Bruggen

Chief Scientist & Regional Vice President

Jim Webber is the Chief Scientist at Neo4j working on next-generation solutions for massively scaling graph data. Prior to joining Neo4j, Jim was a Professional Services Director with ThoughtWorks where he worked on large-scale computing systems in finance and telecoms. Jim has a Ph.D. in Computing Science from the Newcastle University, UK.

Rik Van Bruggen brings 10 years experience in sales, specifically in web-based application development and security/identity management to his work at Neo Technology. Previously with Courion and Imprivata, Rik has managed sales and strived for customer success across Europe. Rik is a Belgian technology addict with a passion for sales, family, friends, music, travel, and of course, good food and even better, beer. Rik also runs the Graphistania podcast on graph databases.

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