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John Poljak

Founder, Keynumbers

Over the past 20 years, John Poljak has worked on both sides of the divide as a commercially driven finance leader as well as an implementor of global finance and supply chain solutions. He has been fortunate to work with leaders who understand how to navigate through the noise and bring focus to the key numbers that matter to their organisations.

He is now using these experiences to develop software ideas that go beyond following trends to allowing leaders to explore key insights and understand their impacts and consequences.

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Learn how to use Neo4j and Structr to measure the global warming impact from 1 tonne of carbon

Using Neo4j & Structr to Measure the Impact of 1 Tonne of Carbon

Structr is a Silver sponsor of GraphConnect San Francisco. Meet their team on October 13-14th at the Hyatt Regency SF. It’s on the news all the time: climate change, global warming, etc. Advocated by politicians like Al Gore and President Obama; championed by celebrities like Leonardo... read more