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Jonathan Thein

Product Marketing – UserTools

With over 15 years in the tech industry, Jonathan’s career spans from launching commercial satellites into space, building a multimedia production agency connecting brands with audiences, and now obsessing over data-driven developers and enterprises by empowering them with the right tools to solve their big data challenges.

Latest Posts by Jonathan Thein

Autumn Is Bloom-ing With New Visualization Features

With Autumn in full swing, we have a few new features in Neo4j Bloom to call out that make graph data visualization and exploration even easier and more intuitive.Let’s start by introducing this neat little trick for anyone getting started with Bloom Basic who’s unsure of where to... read more

Data Loading Into Neo4j : What’s New in Data Importer?

Neo4j Data Importer is the no-code approach to loading your flat file data into Neo4j, and it’s come a long way since its beta debut in March 2022.In our last update on Neo4j Data Importer, we introduced a new feature called Preview, which lets you, as the name suggests, preview your... read more

Cybersecurity: To Graph or Not to Graph. That Is the Query.

I think we can all agree that cybersecurity is one of today’s more acute concerns around the globe. After all, ransomware-related data leaks are up by 82 percent with a 40 percent overall increase in ransomware attacks during the pandemic. Identity theft increased by 42 percent in 2020... read more

Bloom 2.0

Introducing Neo4j Bloom 2.0 – The Fastest Path to Graph Data Visualization

We’ve all been there – losing sleep over the billions of data points that you need to make sense of and present to your key business partners, all while making the data intuitive to work with. This challenge is all too common and one that many data scientists, technical business analysts,... read more