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Juan Ortiz

Senior Customer Advocacy Manager, Neo4j

Juan is the Senior Customer Advocacy Manager at Neo4j, who recently joined us from Delphix, a DevOps/data platform company, where he curated and managed the executive and customer advocacy programs. Prior to Delphix, Juan spent time at SiriusDecisions, as well as the CIO Executive Council, formerly an IDG company, where his passion for customer advocacy took root. In another life, Juan was a musician, concert promoter, producer, and everything in between.

Latest Posts by Juan Ortiz

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Connected Data for Compliance: The 5-Minute Interview With Miguel Aguado

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Graphs for Business Transformation: The 5-Minute Interview With Trinette Brownhill

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Graphs for Information Services: The 5-Minute Interview With Cyndi Streun

At GraphConnect 2022, we had the opportunity to chat with some of the brightest minds in graphs – among them Cyndi Streun. Cindy is the Vice President of Information Services at the Federation of State Medical Boards, a nonprofit that's over a century old. Her organization supports... read more

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