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Juan Pablo Kuster & Lorenzo Speranzoni

CEO of KeneteK and CEO of LARUS, respectively

“Curiosity and experience translate to knowledge.” In Pablo’s life, this phrase has become his bible. Since a young age Pablo have always felt the necessity of observing, of exploring and experimenting solutions. This vocation and the passion for technologies strongly contribute to model his professional profile.

In 1985 he had the opportunity to participate in an interesting project to digitize mechanical designs for a important European automotive company. Here he met a distinguished MIT mathematician who in a synthetic way told him: “From the apparent chaos of points and shapes we construct an ordered chaos, applying geometric rules that allow us to shift from unmanaged to managed data.”

This experience focused all of his attention on the discipline of the “Knowledge Management”, maturing skills in different areas of business, conceptualizing algorithms and developing content management systems to maintain and share in a collaborative environment.

In 2004, a big European bank requested a prove of concept to document Mainframe Cobol programs to respond to regulatory compliance Basile II. Here is where Pablo started the conceptualization and development of one of the most difficult parser engines to acquire Cobol programs and libraries, JCL, Maps CICS & IMS to build a knowledge base navigable through a web interface.

In 2011 KeneteK Inc. was founded ad since then this tool has evolve to a very sophisticated holistic system, that allows the monitoring of the evolution of highly complex IBM mainframe environments, based on the static and dynamic analysis of programs and data to provide a detailed cartography of business process and map of the data from the input to the output through components, statements, tables and files in the process context.

Today, this work provides a clear path from the chaos of system with tens or hundreds of millions lines of source code, to an ordered chaos to give managers the strategic data to support decisions reducing risk and cost for the business, taking the best opportunities offered today by the strongly regulated global markets.

Lorenzo is a pragmatic and passionate IT-expert in software architectures and agile methodologies.

After some significant experiences in business critical projects, in 2004, he founded LARUS Business Automation, where he currently hold the position of CEO. Nevertheless, he maintains his passion in software development by supporting his R&D team and contributing in some open source projects.

Since 2013, he’s been focusing on NoSQL & big data technologies, preferring graph databases among all because of their flexible and expressive connected data model.
He loves to teach and collaborate with people to build enthusiast teams and in his spare time he likes to cultivate his passion for art and cycling.

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