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Julien Mazerolle & Julien Durand

VP of Engineering & Product Manager, Transparency-One

Julien Mazerolle is the VP of Engineering at Transparency-One.

Julien Durand is a Product Manager at Transparency-One, a cloud-based B2B software vendor that connects the network of companies supporting the world’s consumer product supply chain to create a healthier, safer, more sustainable world for consumers.

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Watch Julien Mazerolle and Julien Durand's presentation on tracing food supply chains to ensure consumer safety

Building Consumer Trust through Transparency, Compliance & Sustainability in the Food Industry

Editor's Note: This presentation was given by Julien Mazerolle and Julien Durand at GraphConnect Europe in April 2016. Here's a quick review of what they covered: The importance of consumer trust for food companies How to map the food supply chain from farm to fork Mapping the supply chain:... read more