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Karin Wolok

Neo4j Program Manager, Community Development & Enablement

Karin Wolok has worked for some of the most-renowned individuals and companies in the world, launched a successful professional women’s network in two major cities in the U.S., and developed a consumer concert experience program for the largest global entertainment company.

Transitioning her career from entertainment to technology, she became the first hire for a venture-backed start-up company in Philadelphia, where she went from working “rap battles to robot battles.” She found her passion in working with software engineers and programmers.

Within less than two years with the company, she became a notable leader in community development within the tech space in Philadelphia.

She is motivated by bring success and positive energy to the lives of those around her and prides herself in her ability to network and connect with individuals.

And just like in Neo4j, relationships are key!

Latest Posts by Karin Wolok

Save your spot for NODES 2020, coming this October.

Neo4j Online Developer Expo & Summit Is Back!

NODES 2020 is a free, multi-track, one-day virtual conference loaded with highly technical presentations delivered by Neo4j experts on graph-related topics. October 20, 2020 8:00 - 17:00 EDT | 12:00-21:00 GMT Last year was a hit! With five tracks, over 60 speakers across 15 countries,... read more

Check out this year's Graphs4Good GraphHack projects.

Check Out Some of This Year’s Graphs4Good GraphHack Projects

Hope everyone had a happy Global Graph Celebration Day! For the second year in a row, the Neo4j community collaborated to share graph thinking with the world on April 15th, the birthday of Swiss Mathematician and inventor of Graph Theory, Leonhard Euler. This year, however, has been a much... read more

Learn about Graphs4Good GraphHack.

Announcing Graphs4Good GraphHack

With the escalating spread of COVID-19, our global economy and healthcare infrastructure systems have been impacted in an unimaginable way now and into the unforeseeable future. Update: We have now a dedicated page with more detailed information for research, government and private... read more

Get all the details for this year's Global Graph Celebration Day.

Calling All Nodes: Join Us for Global Graph Celebration Day – April 15, 2020!

What Is Global Graph Celebration Day? To honor Leonhard Euler, the Swiss mathematician and inventor of graph theory, the Neo4j community and graph-enthusiasts all over the world gather and host events to celebrate the day of his birth, April 15th. Last year was the first official GGCD.... read more

Global GraphHack 2019 winners announced.

Announcing the Global GraphHack Winners!

After a week of community votes and several late-night discussions by our panel of judges, we're happy to announce the winners of the NODES 2019 Global GraphHack, our first ever worldwide virtual hackathon! Global GraphHack 2019: Recap of Theme and Prizes Over the last four weeks, 17 teams... read more

Global GraphHack 2019 winners announced.

Check Out Some Global GraphHack Projects & Help Us Pick the Winners!

One of the things I love most about working with developer communities is that there’s so much open-handed support of one another. The developer ecosystem thrives on learning and helping through continuous contribution. Everybody wins, because everyone helps. :) The theme for the... read more

Get the full schedule of online talks for NODES 2019.

Connecting our Community with NODES 2019 Viewing Parties!

Neo4j is a global company with a global community. One of the biggest benefits of this, is that we have a community that’s diverse in cultures, native languages, and beliefs, whom all share a common love for graphs and connected data. While it's amazing to have people from all around the... read more

Global GraphHack 2019 winners announced.

Hackers, Start Your Engines: Global GraphHack 2019 Kicks Off

Andddd, we’re off! The Global GraphHack has officially kicked-off! With over 450 registered hackers, this is officially the World's Largest GraphHack in History! Theme: Extending the Graph Ecosystem Your task is to build something – using or extending Neo4j – that benefits... read more

Register now for Global GraphHack 2019.

Announcing NODES 2019 Global GraphHack

Leading up to our first-ever Neo4j Online Developer Expo and Summit (NODES 2019), we’re planning a worldwide virtual hackathon with our community! Neo4j community members of all experience levels are encouraged to participate. This is a great opportunity to connect with and learn from hackers... read more

Check out how the first-ever Global Graph Celebration Day events around the world.

Here’s How the Neo4j Community Celebrated Global Graph Celebration Day!

To honor of the Swiss mathematician and inventor of graph theory, Leonhard Euler, the Neo4j community held events all over the world to gather and celebrate the day of his birth, April 15th. If you didn't get a chance to participate (there's always next year!), check out this video on what... read more

Learn more about the benefits of the Neo4j Speaker Program.

Announcing the Neo4j Speaker Program: Get Paid to Speak at Conferences Around the World

The graph database industry is kind of exploding (as you likely already know if you're reading this). The Neo4j community is rife with graph enthusiasts eager to share their knowledge gained from experiences with implementing graphs for a variety of use cases and across all types of production... read more

Join the Global Graph Celebration Day with Neo4j.

Register Now for Global Graph Celebration Day: 50+ Events Already Scheduled Worldwide!

On Monday, April 15, thousands of graph enthusiasts around the world will come together to celebrate Leonhard Euler's birthday – the inventor of graph theory. With over 50 events across 5 continents – in places like São Paulo, London, San Francisco, Bengaluru, Canberra, Austin, Tokyo and... read more

Check out all who participated in Neo4j's Graph Visualization Day.

Graph V-Day (Graph Visualization Day) Recap

In light of February’s holiday of love (Valentine's Day), we asked our community to share the graph visualizations they loved the most. Valentine's Day became Graph Visualization Day! The response was incredible and the data visualizations were truly remarkable, and we wanted to share... read more

Learn how to host a Global Graph Celebration Day event with Neo4j.

Host an Event (Big or Small) with Us for Global Graph Celebration Day

Join us and the global Neo4j community on April 15, 2019 to celebrate the birth of the inventor of graph theory, Leonhard Euler!. Help us lead this day of celebration, collaboration and advocacy around the topic of graph-thinking and those who have accelerated thought leadership in this space.... read more

Learn all about the GraphHack 2018 hackathon happening soon after GraphConnect 2018 in New York City

Join Us at GraphHack 2018: Neo4j Buzzword Bingo Hackathon

GraphConnect is almost here, which means it’s time for our annual GraphHack Hackathon! Join other graph hackers for a fun day of building applications featuring Neo4j's great integrations with other popular technologies (a.k.a. buzzwords). This year’s event will be hosted at the Stack... read more

Learn about the new Neo4j Community Maven program and how you can become a local supernode (in a good way)

Neo4j Community Mavens: Because Being a Supernode Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

The Neo4j community is full of different kinds of people: people who help others with technical questions, those who write blogs to help educate others about graph databases, those who contribute to open source projects and more. Our community also has those special individuals who yearn to... read more

Learn how awesome the Neo4j community was (and is) during the EMEA GraphTour in 2018

A BIG Thank You to the Neo4j Community! [GraphTour Update]

Graph love is going global, and we've taken note. That's why this year, instead of one centralized conference in Europe, we went on tour to eight cities across Europe and the Middle East. While eight one-day events in eight cities may seem like a lot, we just weren't satisfied. We wanted to... read more

Learn all the details about GraphConnect moving to New York City, including a sneak peek of events

GraphConnect: New York City, Here We Come!

As you already know, Neo4j embodies relationships and connections between data. Not just that, it taps into the value of these relationships and connections. This is why we started GraphConnect: We wanted to put just as much emphasis on connecting our extensive community as we did on... read more