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About Konstantin Lutovich, Neo4j Developer

Konstantin is a developer in the Neo4j engineering organization. He holds a master’s degree in informatics from the Taras Shevchenko National University.

While being a full-time student there, he also worked full time in the Kiev office of the Copenhagen startup Agillic, primarily working on the data management layers of the platform. He has since then been working in the Kiev office of Yandex. Konstantin is moving to Sweden and will be working in the Malmö office.

Latest Posts by Konstantin Lutovich

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Introduction In this article I would like to introduce the new 1.5.0-beta03 pre-release version of the Bolt Java driver for Neo4j which is now built on an asynchronous, Netty-based infrastructure. Previous versions of the driver used blocking I/O, which meant… Read more →