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Lorenzo Speranzoni

About Lorenzo Speranzoni, Founder & CEO, LARUS Business Automation

Lorenzo is a pragmatic and passionate IT-expert in software architectures and agile methodologies.

After some significant experiences in business critical projects, in 2004, he founded LARUS Business Automation, where he currently hold the position of CEO. Nevertheless, he maintains his passion in software development by supporting his R&D team and contributing in some open source projects.

Since 2013, he’s been focusing on NoSQL & big data technologies, preferring graph databases among all because of their flexible and expressive connected data model.
He loves to teach and collaborate with people to build enthusiast teams and in his spare time he likes to cultivate his passion for art and cycling.

Latest Posts by Lorenzo Speranzoni

Neo4j JDBC Driver 3.0.3 & 3.1.0 Released

[As community content, this post reflects the views and opinions of the particular author and does not necessarily reflect the official stance of Neo4j.] Click here to skip straight to the JDBC driver announcement. During his opening keynote address, Emil… Read more →

Couchbase & JDBC Integrations for Neo4j 3.x

Editor’s Note: This presentation was given by Lorenzo Speranzoni at GraphConnect Europe in April 2016. Here’s a quick review of what he covered: Converting JSON documents into nodes Couchbase integration architecture How the JDBC driver makes use of the Bolt… Read more →

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