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About Luanne Misquitta, Senior Consultant, GraphAware

Luanne Misquitta is a Neo4j-Certified Professional and Senior Consultant at GraphAware, a solution partner of Neo4j. She discovered Neo4j about 6 years ago and has since been a proud Neo4j community member.
Luanne is also a member of the GraphAware team that’s been building Spring Data Neo4j 4.1.

Latest Posts by Luanne Misquitta

Build Spring Data Neo4j 4.1 Applications Like a Superhero

Editor’s Note: This presentation was given by Luanne Misquitta at GraphConnect Europe in April 2016. Here’s a quick review of what she covered: Features of the Neo4j Object-Graph Mapper (OGM) Features of Spring Data Neo4j 4.1 A Walkthrough of Building… Read more →

Neo4j as a Key Player in Human Capital Management (HCM) [Community Post]

[As community content, this post reflects the views and opinions of the particular author and does not necessarily reflect the official stance of Neo4j.] In the Bersin Predictions for 2016 report, Josh Bersin states that “it feels as though everything… Read more →

The Spring Data Neo4j 4.0.0.RC2 Release Is Here!

Today, we would like to announce the release of Spring Data Neo4j 4.0.0.RC2. The Neo4j OGM framework on which it is based is also in its second version, 1.1.1 As we get closer to general availability, we’re happy to report… Read more →

Data Migration between MySQL and Neo4j

Many organizations that are looking at modeling highly connected data to add business intelligence or analytical capabilities using Neo4j already have a database in place. Introducing a graph database into the mix does not have to be a disruptive process.… Read more →

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