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Max Andersson

DevOps Engineer, Neo4j

Max is a DevOps Engineer in the Developer Relations team at Neo4j.

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New Neo4j Sandbox Feature: Single Sign-On (SSO)

Log in snapshot for sandbox.neo4j.comExciting news for all our users! We are proud to announce the addition of a new Single Sign-On (SSO) feature in our Sandbox environment and the availability of version 5.x of our platform.Single Sign-On, or SSO for short, allows users to access multiple... read more

How to Implement SSO for Your Neo4j Instance With Auth0

Photo by Towfiqu Barbhuiya on UnsplashSSO allows you to grant access to specific applications (Neo4j Included) with your preexisting user base and centralize user management to an external system to allow for role access control and other features. At Neo4j, we leverage Auth0 for our... read more

This Week in Neo4j – Cursed Movies, GraphKer, Hacking Hacker News, In-Memory Graphs, Power BI Integration, Graphalue

Hello, everyone, and happy Halloween! I got my Squid Game costume yesterday and am getting ready to carve pumpkins for this year’s Halloween. Don’t forget to stock up on candy. In this issue, we have a feature on cybersecurity and another on hacking hacker news content. Besides the... read more

This Week in Neo4j – Speaking Cypher, Stocks, Graphalue, Discover Aura, Wikidata, Gephi

Hello, everyone! I guess it’s time to start looking for old costumes in the closet. I’m going to be looking for a new one this year, and I think "Squid Game" might have an impact on customers this season. Anyway, this issue of Twin4j features Mike Oaten – an entrepreneur at... read more

This Week in Neo4j – Twitch, Stackoverflow, Masterclass, Workshop

Hello, everyone! ? Is it just me or is this month getting spookier and spookier by the day? I’m sure it’s just me, but it still doesn’t feel like I’m the only one who’s been spooked this month. At least not if you’ve been working at Twitch. ? Twitch made an "oopsie" and... read more

New Feature: Neo4j Sandbox Backups

We’ve finally added the feature to produce your backups from your running sandboxes and continue the fun locally or in Aura.To try it out, just request a backup from the “backups” panel.Request Sandbox backup ( you request a backup, our backup... read more

This Week in Neo4j – GDS 1.7 Features, Knowledge Graph with Spark and Neo4j, Digital Nomad Travel Logs, Link Predictions, Load Data Into AuraDB

Hello, everyone! As we begin a new quarter – and enter the spookiest month of the year – Twin4j brings you both tricks and treats from the past week in the world of Neo4j. In this issue, we will see Link Prediction pipelines in focus as we release the new version of... read more

Hot Reload Your Infrastructure As Code with Skaffold

If the Kubernetes bug has bitten you, there are usually some pain points that won’t go away. Setting up a functional development environment that is as close to production as possible may take some effort. Skaffold makes it somewhat effortless.SkaffoldSo why would you want to hot-reload your... read more