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Maya Natarajan & David Allen

Product Marketing & Technology Partner Architect, Neo4j

Maya is part of the Product Marketing team at Neo4j. She is passionate about trying to position graph databases to solve complex problems.

For over a decade, Maya has focused on creating and executing innovative “go-to-market” strategies for various global high-tech software companies such as HP/ Autonomy/ Verity and Dassault Systèmes/Exalead, as well as startups such as Semantic Research, Smartlogic, and Entropia. She has positioned various technologies from blockchain to predictive & user-based analytics to machine learning to deep learning to search to BPM and beyond in a myriad of industries.

David is a deeply technical generalist with experience in managing teams and driving towards complex goals. The most fun he has had in his career is when he is learning something new, or trying to figure out how to do something that hasn’t been done before.

When not trying to improve something technical, you can usually find David playing guitar or cycling. He loves meeting new people, and has a very keen interest in language and culture and loves to find common ground with other people through travel and music.

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