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Merrilee Parsons

Senior Manager, Global Marketing Programs

With more than 25 years in the B2B tech space, Merrilee has spent her career developing marketing programs, executing marketing programs and advising others how to do the same. After a two and a half decades stint in San Francisco, she now calls Bend, Oregon her home where she enjoys exploring the many waterfalls and river trails – in addition to pretending to love shoveling snow in the winter. In her free time, Merrilee is a Girl Scout Troop Leader and is always learning new tricks from her dog, Nala.

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1 Year Anniversary: Webinars, Demos, Connections – Oh My!

Where does the time go?! It was just about a year ago when I wrote my first blog showcasing our digital events including Connections, Webinars, and Live Demos. Since then we’ve hosted 17 Connections events, 51 webinars, and almost 100 live demos. Phew! That’s a lot of welcome speeches... read more

Webinar Spotlight: Knowledge Graphs Are Hot!

Originally coined in 1972, at 50 years old, the term “knowledge graph” is nothing new, but using them to derive business value is hot, hot, hot! About a decade ago, Google introduced their use of knowledge graphs and they’ve been on a roll ever since – and they’re just getting hotter.... read more

You Don’t Need a Crystal Ball When You Have Graph Data Science

Crystal balls, tarot cards, fortune tellers, Groundhog Day – all things used to make predictions. The problem is, they’re not very reliable. But you know what is reliable? Graph data science. Graph data science is a science-driven approach to gain knowledge from the relationships and... read more

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It’s Officially Fall: Let’s Catch Up on What You Missed This Summer

That’s right – it’s fall! Time to break out your sweaters, jump in piles of leaves, and warm up with pumpkin spiced lattes. What does this have to do with webinars? Nothing really, but it’s one of my favorite times of the year, so I thought I’d lead with that! While you were... read more

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It’s Back to School Season! Learn More About Neo4j With These Webinars

Summer is coming to a close, and for most people that means it’s back to school time in some shape or form. Days are getting shorter, nights are getting cooler, and sun hats are being replaced with thinking caps! While you were out and about this summer on your annual leave or beach trip,... read more

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Webinar Spotlight on Summertime Classics

Grab the popcorn! It’s almost August, so let’s get comfy and tune into some good ole summertime classics. The classics I’m talking about aren’t Jaws, National Lampoon’s Vacation, or one of my personal favorites, The Sandlot ("you’re killin’ me Smalls") but rather some classic webinars... read more

Knowledge Graphs Empower Your Data to Do More!

Hey everyone! It’s summertime and it’s getting hot out there. You know what else is hot? Knowledge graphs! In this month’s webinar round-up blog, I’m focusing on knowledge graphs – not only because they are driving industry disruption and business transformation, but also because... read more

Webinars, Demos, Connections – Oh My!

Webinars, Demos, Connections – Oh My!

Welcome everyone! My name is Merrilee and I’m part of the digital events team here at Neo4j. If you’ve ever attended one of our many webinars, live demos, or Connections events you’ve probably heard that before! As that’s how most of them open. Stepping away from my hosting and programs... read more