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Michael Simons

Staff Software Engineer, Neo4j

Michael is a Java champion and Staff Software Engineer at Neo4j.

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Neo4j Ops Manager and Spring Data Neo4j

Nom, nom, nom…In the last week of June 2022, Neo4j Ops Manager (NOM) was released. Our colleague Chris Shelmerdine published a great post with many insights into functionality but also into technical details about how NOM is built: Introducing Neo4j Ops Manager: The Tool You Need to... read more

Tailor-Made Neo4j Connectivity With Spring Boot 2.4+

Spring Boot has support for a broad range of properties to configure the Neo4j Java Driver since Spring Boot 2.4. The Neo4j team worked together with VMWare engineers to make this as integrated as possible.What does that mean? You can either go to start.spring.io and add “Neo4j” as a... read more