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Miro Marchi and Michal Bachman


Dr. Miro Marchi is a Consultant at GraphAware. He holds a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Verona, where he studied the consumption of graph visualisations by members of communities of practice. Miro’s skills and interests lie between social and computer sciences. He combines experience in ethnographic analysis (deep immersion in the field to understand stakeholders practices), in graph data modelling with Neo4j, and in JavaScript data visualisation. He is passionate about the game-changing effect of network thinking and graph technology on organisations and processes.

Michal Bachman is the Managing Director at GraphAware, where he leads a team of Neo4j Certified Professionals who help clients around the world succeed with graphs. Michal is the main committer to the GraphAware Framework, a set of open source tools and extensions to Neo4j, and the author of the GraphAware Recommendation Engine library.

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Practical Applications of Neo4j 4.0

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