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Navneet Mathur

Senior Director of Global Solutions, Neo4j

Nav Mathur is Senior Director of Global Solutions at Neo4j. He is responsible for solutions development and go-to-market activities.

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Check out this infographic that explain how graph technology is essential for risk management.

Get Control of Today’s Financial Regulations Using the Neo4j Risk Management Platform [Infographic]

Financial regulations in the U.S. has become a complicated and fragmented system, but why? Various authorities creating compliance laws include a cast of six federal regulating agencies: The Federal Reserve, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the National Credit Union Administration, the... read more

Check out this infographic on master data management and graph technology.

Next-Gen Master Data Management Runs at the Speed of Now [Infographic]

Having a lot of data to mine from is a truly beautiful thing. But many businesses today struggle with data – especially as it grows and becomes more complex – that's stored in different data repositories, not to mention different formats and permissions. Typical types of disconnected data... read more

Check out this infographic on the benefits of using graph technology to power real-time recommendations.

How Real-Time Recommendations Increase Revenues, Optimize Margins and Delight Customers [Infographic]

"You may also like" sounds simple, but there's a lot happening behind the scenes. Real-time recommendations work best when they take into account both the user's needs (what is of interest to them) and your business strategy (items you need to promote). The truly amazing thing is how... read more

Learn about FRTB risk management with Neo4j.

Effective Internal Risk Models for FRTB Compliance: Risk Management with Neo4j [Infographic]

In this series on the FRTB, we delved into what is required for effective internal risk models using a graph database like Neo4j. In previous weeks, we looked at the requirements of FRTB compliance and the relationship between risk modeling and data lineage. Last week, we explained why modern... read more

Learn why graph technology is the answer to internal risk models for FRTG compliance.

Effective Internal Risk Models for FRTB Compliance: Modern Graph Technology Is the Answer

Relational database technology can't handle what is coming in banking and risk modeling. By the 2020s, Accenture predicts current banking business models will be swept away by a tide of ever-evolving technology and other rapidly occurring changes. The right foundation for building compliance... read more

Discover why data lineage is so important for RFTB compliance and risk modeling.

Effective Internal Risk Models for FRTB Compliance: Risk Modeling Requires Data Lineage

Where did the data come from, originally? That’s a key question that the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) rules will require banks to answer in real-time. Banks must be able to decompose risk models to uncover the full lineage of investment data. Think of it as for... read more

Learn why risk model approval is critical to effective internal risk models for FRTB compliance

Effective Internal Risk Models for FRTB Compliance: The Importance of Risk Model Approval

Sweeping regulations are changing the way banks handle risk. The Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) represents an important shift designed to provide a firm foundation for the future. While laws passed after the financial crisis offered a patchwork, the FRTB is a change that offers banks... read more

Learn how graph technology is transforming the world of financial risk reporting.

Financial Risk Reporting: Graph Technology Is a Game Changer

How do you prevent another global financial crisis like the one in 2008? The answer lies in better visibility into the deep connections in risk data. Armed with an understanding of risk data lineage, financial houses could have limited their exposure. A connected data foundation not only... read more

Learn how connected data is helping banks with financial risk reporting.

Financial Risk Reporting: Building a Risk Metadata Foundation

Regulations, such as BCBS 239, are driving banks to reexamine the way they manage financial risk management data. Building a connected data foundation supports a world of innovative uses of your enterprise data – including 360-degree visibility of your customers, detecting and preventing... read more

Discover the connected nature of financial risk reporting and how graph technology can help.

Financial Risk Reporting:
The Connected Nature of Financial Risk

As governmental regulations tighten, today’s banks must have a thorough and systematic understanding of risk calculations and their associated data lineage – including where underlying data originates and how it flows through enterprise systems. Forward-looking banks are uniting data silos... read more

Discover 4 simple steps to building a GDPR compliance solution using Neo4j graph technology

GDPR Compliance: 4 Simple Steps to Building a GDPR Solution

According to PwC, 92 percent of multinational companies cite compliance with the looming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) data privacy regulations as a top data-protection priority. More than three-quarters of those organizations have allocated over a million dollars for related... read more

Learn why graph technology is the overall best tool for building GDPR compliance solutions

GDPR Compliance: Why Graph Technology Is the Fastest (and Most Future-Proof) Solution

According to Eurostat, 81% of Europeans feel they don’t wholly control their online data and 69% worry that firms might use their data for purposes other than those advertised. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) states that individuals have the right to ensure their... read more

Learn about the complex challenges and problems of personal data when it comes to GDPR compliance

GDPR Compliance: The Challenges and Problems with Personal Data

European Union regulators are dead serious about protecting the privacy of their citizens’ personal data. The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that take effect on 25 May 2018 apply to all EU and foreign organizations handling personal data of EU residents. They mandate strict... read more

Learn about how to use Neo4j for fraud prevention in this five-minute overview video and blog post

Fraud Prevention with Neo4j: A 5-Minute Overview

Fraud is becoming increasingly difficult to discover and prevent as fraudsters are increasingly employing complex techniques and advanced technologies to perpetrate fraud. Who Are Today's Fraudsters? Today, fraudsters are organized in groups, possess synthetic or manufactured... read more