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Neerav Vyas

VP of Analytics at Realogy Holdings Corp

Neerav is the VP of Analytics at Realogy Holdings Corp. He helps organizations to accelerate innovation, drive growth, increase operation efficiencies, facilitate large scale transformations and turn around ailing business units and brands. He is an award-winning leader who uses a combination of human-centered design and advanced analytics to help ensure these transformations and product launches succeed and have a meaningful impact.

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Neerav Vyas, Realogy, discusses the value of integrating graph databases into their lead conversion process.

Driving Innovation and Powering Advanced Analytics with Neo4j

Neerav Vyas is the Head of Analytics at Realogy Holdings Corp. As an economist and a Neo4j user, he helps clients with graph analytics. In this presentation, Vyas illustrates how the journey of real estate should be a connected process and shares the story of his own move to New York City. He... read more