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Learn more about connecting healthcare with graph technology.

Connecting Healthcare

Editor’s Note: This presentation was given at GraphConnect New York in September 2018. Presentation Summary Many healthcare organizations today only see small parts of the healthcare system. Few are taking a long-term holistic approach to gain insights into healthcare. Much of the high... read more

Watch Hilary Mason's presentation on the present and future of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The Present and Future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Editor’s Note: This is a transcription of a presentation given by Hilary Mason at GraphConnect New York in October 2018. Presentation Summary The metaphors we use to describe the world directly correspond to the way in which we build technology, particularly in the areas of artificial... read more

Learn what Reddit users had to say about NextQueue – a Neo4j project from MediaHound

Here’s What Reddit Users Said about NextQueue, Our Neo4j Project [Community Post]

MediaHound recently launched NextQueue, a personalized movie and TV discovery web app powered by Neo4j. We shared it with the Reddit community and the response was incredible. Our post received over 4,200 upvotes and more than 20,000 visitors rated over 250,000 movies and just one... read more

Part 3 of using Neo4j to graph the healthcare industry. This week: Cleaning up CSV data of providers

My Neo4j Summer Road Trip to the World of Healthcare [Part 3]

Part 3: Cleaning CSV Files in Bash Hi friends and welcome back to my summer road trip through the world of healthcare. For those who are new to my adventure, this is the third part of the blog series. Catch up right here with Part 1 and Part 2. I am using Neo4j to connect the multiple... read more

Part 2 of using Neo4j to graph the healthcare industry. This week: XML and lobbying disclosures

My Neo4j Summer Road Trip to the World of Healthcare [Part 2]

Part 2: Visualize XML Files in Neo4j with APOC Welcome back to my Neo4j summer adventure. In my previous post, I gathered all the available data and explored how to model the data into a healthcare graph. Starting with this post, I will be focusing on loading the data into the healthcare... read more

Part 1 of Using Neo4j to Graph the Healthcare Industry

My Neo4j Summer Road Trip to the World of Healthcare [Part 1]

Nothing excites me more than getting on an adventurous road trip to explore the unknown. What’s even better is this adventure doesn't involve getting sweaty and exhausted to drive long hours in the middle of nowhere. Yes, I'm talking about a digital road trip. This summer I will rock the world... read more

Learn How to Build a Personalized Recommendation Engine for Fitness Programs & Nutritional Supplements

Shaping Up a Fitness Program Recommendation Engine & More [Community Post]

The new year has come and gone, along with the first quarter, and likely all our resolutions to workout and get in shape. If any of you are like me, you may be feeling that about this time, but I’m here to propose that there may be hope. Just maybe, with the right personalization of a... read more

Learn about Date Night: A Movie Recommendation Engine Powered by Neo4j

Date Night: Never Disagree on a New Movie Again (with Neo4j) [Community Post]

Have you ever spent so much time trying to decide what movie to watch that you don’t end up watching anything at all? You and your significant other sit down on the couch and the negotiations begin immediately. You open with a sequel to a movie you both liked, but your partner counters that... read more

Watch Ian Robinson’s Presentation on How to Scale Graph Databases for Enterprise-Level Production

Moving Graphs to Production at Scale

Editor’s Note: Last October at GraphConnect San Francisco, Ian Robinson – Senior Engineer at Neo Technology – delivered this in-depth presentation on how to effectively scale your Neo4j-based application for enterprise-level production. For more videos from GraphConnect SF and to register... read more

Meet GraphStarter: A Ruby Gem for Getting a Neo4j Rails Application Up and Running Quickly

GraphStarter: Get Your Neo4j Rails App Up and Running Quickly

For a while now, I’ve been building various Neo4j.rb educational resources using the example of an asset portal. There have been: A screencast series (the first half and a second half) A SitePoint article on building recommendations and access control A webinar on advanced access... read more

See How We Used Graph Structure Record Linkage to Extract Insights on Irish Census Data with Neo4j

Using Graph Structure Record Linkage on Irish Census Data with Neo4j

For just over a year I’ve been obsessed on-and-off with a project ever since I stayed in the town of Skibbereen, Ireland. Taking data from the 1901 and 1911 Irish censuses, I hoped I would be able to find a way to reliably link resident records from the two together to identify the same... read more