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Nicola Camillo & Alberto De Lazzari

About Nicola Camillo & Alberto De Lazzari, Veneto Banca

Nicola Camillo is an IT Manager at Veneto Banca. He managed applications project using Agile methodology and he is the Scrum Master of Architecture. He participated in the analysis, design and implementation of Veneto Banca PFP, Personal Financial Planning, for the definition and management of customer’s global investment goals. He helped define the rules and logic of the asset allocation Engine Optimization (EO) based on the simulated annealing algorithm. Chess master, Japanese manga and mathematical riddles lover.

Alberto De Lazzari is the Head of Architecture at Veneto Banca. He participated actively in the design and implementation of a new integrated multichannel project, laying the foundation for the new business services. Designing new solutions and facing integration issues are his bread and butter. He has long adopted agile methodologies. Technology and photography enthusiast.

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