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Niels de Jong

Consulting Engineer, Neo4j

As a consulting field engineer, Niels works with customer engineering teams all over Europe, guiding and contributing to all phases of the Neo4j implementation within projects – from inception to rollout.

Latest Posts by Niels de Jong

NeoDash 2.4: Unleashing the Power of Neo4j Graph Dashboards

When building your Neo4j project, dashboards are a great tool to let people understand and analyze graph data. Dashboards are also useful for rapid prototyping, as they offer a fantastic means to reduce time-to-value.If you’re using a graph database, graph visualizations are essential to your... read more

NeoDash 2.0 – A Brand New Way to Visualize Neo4j

Visualizing graph data is often key to the success of a Neo4j project. As part of my job, I always find that the best way to convince people of the value of graphs is to let them see and interact with their data. Next to a neat graph visualization, tables or traditional charts are an immensely... read more

Building Interactive Neo4j Dashboards with NeoDash 1.1

In November 2020, I released the first version of NeoDash – a graph app to build Neo4j dashboards in minutes. Since then I’ve received a lot of great feedback from users who built their own dashboards (check out this one!), and I got to work on extending the app with your suggestions.Now, 7... read more

15 Tools for Visualizing Your Neo4j Graph Database

Visualizing graphs is hard. When I started working with graph data, I realized it takes significant work to create intuitive graph visualizations. Thankfully, a ton of tools have been developed that make graph visualization a cakewalk.In this article, I’m zooming in on some of my favorite... read more