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Nigel Small

Neo4j Drivers Team Lead

Nigel Small‘s contact information can most definitely be found right here.

Nigel Small is an engineer on the Neo4j team. He created the py2neo driver and the Geoff and Zerograph projects. Nigel has several decades of software development experience within a wide variety of different domains and technologies.

Latest Posts by Nigel Small

Py2neo v4: The Next Generation

As both a busy dad and the team lead of the Neo4j Drivers Team, the amount of spare time I’ve had to work on personal projects over the past couple of years has been somewhat reduced. But with all the interest by Python users in keeping Py2neo going, I couldn’t resist starting work on... read more

Learn about py2neo 3.1, a community Python driver for Neo4j, including the new Object-Graph Mapper

py2neo 3.1: The World’s Most Amazing Python Driver for Neo4j

Even though we've now released officially supported drivers for Java, Python, JavaScript and .NET, many of the community drivers are still going strong. Indeed, version 3.1 of my own community driver py2neo was released this week and with it came a brand-new OGM for Python users. An OGM... read more