Nunzio Pellegrino, Fabio Lamanna & Omar Rampado Picture

Nunzio Pellegrino, Fabio Lamanna & Omar Rampado

Nunzio Pellegrino is a Data Scientist at Cerved. He works in the Innovation Team, a group constantly focused on extracting value from data and resolving problems with the latest technologies. He holds a degree in statistics with a background in machine learning. He’s been primarily working on data integration and business intelligence projects for three years. He’s the Product Owner of Graph4you, the solution based on Neo4j for exploring the Italian business network. Also, he’s involved in Italian open data projects. R enthusiast, Python practitioner and fascinated by the graph ecosystem.

Fabio Lamanna is a Ph.D. Civil Transportation Engineer, in love with all things related to mobility, data and network dynamics. He’s currently working at LARUS, the #1 Italian Partner with Neo4j, and is a Neo4j Certified Consultant and Trainer. Graphs and networks integrate, support and fulfill his working life, from consulting activities on transportation networks analysis to research projects with data coming from social networks, cities and transportation systems. Also behind the organization of the DataBeers Venezia, he loves listening to music, traveling by train, and eating cheese and drinking red wine.

Omar Rampado is a passionate IT expert in software development and design. He has worked as a developer and R&D member at LARUS since 2007, which has grown his passion for open-source solutions and new technology. Since 2015, he has enjoyed worked with Big Data technologies and distributed computing.

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Congrats to Cerved and LARUS for Winning the Big Data Analytics Award from Digital360

On July 2018, Cerved – a Neo4j customer – has been awarded with the Big Data Analytics prize, by a panel of 50 CIOs working for the most important Italian companies, at the Digital360 Awards 2018, thanks to its Graph4you project. Cerved is an Italian data-driven company giving businesses and... read more