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Oskar Hane

Sr. Staff Software Engineer, Neo4j

Oskar Hane is a Sr. Staff Software Engineer at Neo4j.

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Exploring the Intersection of Neo4j and Large Language Models

Insights from Project NaLLMThis is the last blog post of Neo4j’s NaLLM project. We started this project to explore, develop, and showcase practical uses of these LLMs in conjunction with Neo4j. As part of this project, we will construct and publicly display demonstrations in a GitHub... read more

Harnessing Large Language Models With Neo4j

Episode 1 – Exploring Real-World Use CasesLarge language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT have taken the world by storm in 2023 due to their ability to understand and generate human-like text. Their capacity to adapt to different conversational contexts, answer questions across a wide range of topics,... read more