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Pat Patterson

Director of Evangelism, StreamSets

Pat defines himself as an outgoing create of the species “articulate techie,” and works at StreamSets ensuring enterprises can implement DataOps.

He’s an accomplished international public speaker, presenting at events such as Hadoop Summit, Kafka Summit, Dreamforce, JavaOne (both San Francisco and Tokyo), the RSA Conference, Glue Conference and more. Pat loves to see the light bulbs illuminate above the audience’s heads as they learn how the technology I’m presenting can apply to their situation.

His specialties include data integration, cloud computing, big data, open source, Java and enterprise software.

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Ingesting Data into Neo4j for Master Data Management

Editor’s Note: This presentation was given by Pat Patterson at GraphConnect New York in September 2018. Presentation Summary In the following presentation, we'll review how the company StreamSets ingests data into Neo4j for master data management. Streamsets was founded in 2014 to address... read more