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Rickard Damm & Lars Ericsson

Head of Zone and Engineer, Telia

Rickard Damm has a broad high-tech and senior management background having worked on conceptualizing, launching and scaling new products in the domains of Digital Identities, Digital Payments, Cloud, Mobile Advertising, Streaming Music, Mobile TV, CDN, Location Based Services, Managed Services, Hosting etc.

Lars Ericsson specialties include audio engineering, journalism, web development, interaction design, interactive design and media strategy.

Latest Posts by Rickard Damm & Lars Ericsson

Discover how Telia Zone uses Neo4j for their connected home platform.

Telia Zone: Scaling Neo4j to Millions of Homes with Kubernetes

Editor’s Note: This presentation was given by Rickard Damm and Lars Ericsson at GraphConnect Europe in May 2017. Presentation Summary Telia Zone is the Telia company’s router, which is used in approximately one million homes in Sweden. Telia uses Neo4j with Kubernetes to connect to all of... read more