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Rik Van Bruggen

Regional VP & Neo4j Advocate

Rik Van Bruggen brings 10 years experience in sales, specifically in web-based application development and security/identity management to his work at Neo Technology. Previously with Courion and Imprivata, Rik has managed sales and strived for customer success across Europe. Rik is a Belgian technology addict with a passion for sales, family, friends, music, travel, and of course, good food and even better, beer. Rik also runs the Graphistania podcast on graph databases.

Latest Posts by Rik Van Bruggen

The Neo4j Breakfast Club: A Tale About Company Culture in a Mind-Boggling Pandemic

I can still remember the winter months of 2020, clear as day. Neo4j was on a fantastic trajectory already, and growing like crazy. We were organizing our "GraphTour" events throughout Europe, we were launching the long-awaited 4.0 version of Neo4j's core database product, and we were having a... read more

Watch this webinar on Neo4j licensing to find out which version would most benefit your enterprise.

Neo4j Licensing: Which Edition is Right for You? [Video]

Neo4j has long been recognized as the world's leading graph database, and it is rapidly expanding as a true platform for enterprise graph applications. For more videos like this one, check out upcoming and on-demand video content in the Neo4j Webinar library. Now is a better time than... read more

Hidden GraphGems: the Meta-graph

Originally posted on the Bruggen Blog Over the past couple of days, I have had multiple occasions where I had to explain a graph model to an audience. Often times I would end up drawing stuff on paper/whiteboard (still my favourite, tbh), sometimes I would revert back Arrows, but more and more I... read more

Prototyping a Graph Database

Prototyping a Graph Database Written by Rik Van Bruggen, Originally posted on his blog Prototyping a Graph Database Last night we did a great meetup in Amsterdam using a new, untested format. We had about 25-30 people attending, to try and prototype a graph database quickly and... read more

Using Neo4j for HR Analytics

Written by Rik Van Bruggen. Originally posted on his blog. Graphs for HR Analytics Recently, I had the pleasure of doing a talk at the Brussels Data Science meetup. Some really cool people there, with interesting things to say. My talk was about how graph databases like Neo4j can contribute... read more

Finding the shortest path through the park (i.e. orienteering) via a graph algorithm

Finding the Shortest Path through the Park (with Graphs!)

As you may know by now, I like beer. A lot. Why else would I keep writing and talking about it? But there’s more to life than sweet beverages, and one of the things that I have been doing for as long as I can remember is orienteering. I have been practicing the sport in Belgium since 1984 –... read more