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Ryan Boyd

Director of Developer Relations @ Neo4j

Ryan Boyd is a speaker, author, developer and developer relations guru with a background in coding, leadership and management.

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Get the full schedule of online talks for NODES 2019.

NODES 2019: Announcing 52 Online Talks from Leading Graph Experts

On Thursday, October 10th, we’ll be gathering developers from all around the world for the first-ever *FREE* Neo4j Online Developer Conference: NODES 2019! We're happy to announce that we've selected 52 talks to be presented from speakers in 10+ countries, including the keynote from our CEO... read more

Registration is now open for GraphConnect 2020.

Build the Future: GraphConnect 2020 Registration Is Officially Open

Registration for GraphConnect 2020 is now open! Join us on April 20-22 in New York City for the largest-ever gathering of graph database developers, architects and CTOs. GraphConnect 2020 will feature speakers from around the world presenting on how Neo4j has had a bottom-line impact... read more

Learn more about NODES 2019: The first-ever, global Neo4j Online Developer Expo and Summit

NODES 2019: Launching the Neo4j Online Developer Expo & Summit!

On Thursday, October 10th, we'll be gathering developers from all around the world for the first-ever Neo4j Online Developer Expo and Summit (NODES)! This amazing day-long event will bring insightful technical talks to you from Neo4j engineers and community members – all in an interactive... read more

Save the Date for a Three-Day, Super-Powered GraphConnect 2020 Experience

At GraphConnect last year, we brought together developers and business leaders from around the world into a single event with 48 sessions, an executive summit, an ecosystem summit and 13 different training classes. We also had very notable keynote presenters, including Hilary Mason (Cloudera Fast... read more

Learn about the Neo4j 3.4 GA release in less than 8 minutes, including scalability and performance improvements

Neo4j 3.4 Release Highlights in Less Than 8 Minutes [Video]

Hi everyone, My name is Ryan Boyd, and I'm on the Developer Relations team here at Neo4j. I want to talk with you today about our latest release Neo4j 3.4. Overview In Neo4j 3.4 we've made improvements across the entire graph database system, from scalability and performance, to... read more

The ICIJ Releases Neo4j Desktop Download of Paradise Papers

Early this morning (1 Dec.), the Pulitzer Prize-winning International Consortium for Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) released an ICIJ version of Neo4j Desktop which includes the Paradise Papers and the other Offshore Leaks graph data. This desktop package – available for Windows, Mac and... read more

Learn about upgrades to the Neo4j Sandbox including support for Neo4j 3.2 and Google Spreadsheets

Neo4j Sandbox Now Supports Neo4j 3.2, Sharing, Google Spreadsheets & More!

When we announced the new Neo4j Sandbox back in March, we enabled developers to learn Neo4j while exploring data and interactive guides for four use cases: Recommendations Engines, TrumpWorld, US Congress (Legis-Graph) and Twitter analysis. We've seen lots of developers super excited about how... read more

Learn all about how Neo4j is now available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace

Neo4j Is Now Available on the AWS Marketplace

Many Neo4j users host their databases in on-premise data centers, but there’s an increasing trend of utilizing cloud-based hosting providers. EC2 on Amazon Web Services has always been a popular choice given its success in the market, so we wanted to make it even easier to deploy Neo4j on... read more

Learn about the open Call for Papers (CFP) at GraphConnect San Francisco and submit your talk today

Present at GraphConnect SF: The Call for Papers Is Open!

We have just opened the Call for Papers for GraphConnect! Taking place October 13-14, the GraphConnect San Francisco conference is a gathering of over 1,000 graph database enthusiasts. The participants come from all backgrounds – some are technology executives, some are engineering managers,... read more

Learn all about the new Docker Store (still in limited beta), featuring Neo4j

Neo4j Launches in the Beta Docker Store

We're excited to have been chosen by the team at Docker to be included as a launch partner in the brand new Docker Store. Although it is still in limited beta, we wanted to share a bit on why we're enthusiastic about the new Store and Docker as a platform for distribution and operations. Docker... read more

Learn about the New Panama Papers Graph Database That Is Now Available for Download from the ICIJ

The Panama Papers Graph Database Is Now Available for Download

Editor's Note: Don't miss this live webinar with Mar Cabra on how the ICIJ used Neo4j to unravel the Panama Papers happening today (26 May) at 9:00 PDT / 18:00 CEST. Click here to register or for more info. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) used Neo4j to power... read more

Watch as the Neo4j 3.0 Release Is Explained in This 5-Minute Video

Neo4j 3.0 Explained in Just 5 Minutes

If a picture can speak 1,000 words, a five-minute video can speak 8,991,000 words (1,000 * 29.97 * 60 * 5). That's powerful! In this short video, we review the key features of Neo4j 3.0. As the first release in the 3.x series, Neo4j 3.0 is based on a completely redesigned architecture and a... read more

See the Winners of the Neo4j 2015-2016 Winter GraphGist Challenge with Winners in Several Categories

The Graph Is Strong with This One: GraphGist Challenge Winners!

Last December, we announced the Neo4j Winter GraphGist Challenge. We invited our global graphista community to document and explain how various types of data could be modeled in a graph, using the GraphGist tool. We had dozens of fantastic entries, and today I'm excited to announce the winners,... read more

Watch Ryan Boyd’s Talk on Different Graph Compute Methods, including Graph Algorithms and Spark

Graph Compute with Neo4j: Built-in Algorithms, Spark & Extensions

Editor’s Note: Last October at GraphConnect San Francisco, Ryan Boyd – Developer Relations at Neo Technology – delivered this presentation on how to perform various graph compute functions within the Neo4j ecosystem. For more videos from GraphConnect SF and to register for GraphConnect... read more

Learn All about the Neo4j Winter GraphGist Challenge and Enter to Win Great Swag and Prizes

The Neo4j GraphGist Challenge: May the Graph Be with You

The Neo4j Winter GraphGist Challenge has officially begun! This year’s mission includes more categories, bigger prizes and new judges, so whether you’re a GraphGist veteran or a brand-new graphista, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The... read more

Learn How We Built the Graph Your Network App Using the Official Neo4j Docker Image

Building the Graph Your Network App with the Neo4j Docker Image

Neo4j has long been distributed with a dataset of movies – showing how movies, actors, actresses, directors and more relate to each other. We've also recently added Northwind organizational data for those developers who are more business minded. Nonetheless, these datasets don't capture the... read more

Learn All about the Schedule of Lightning Talks Featured at GraphConnect San Francisco

From MongoDB to Docker and More: GraphConnect Lightning Talks Are Here

We already know you’re excited to attend GraphConnect San Francisco (did we mention there’s only five days left to register?), and you’ve already checked out the amazing agenda and star-studded speaker lineup. But while long, in-depth talks are certainly helpful to sharpening your graph... read more

Solution Architectural Diagram of Polyglot Persistence for Wanderu between Neo4j and MongoDB

Polyglot Persistence Case Study: Wanderu + Neo4j + MongoDB

Every language and data storage solution has its strengths. After all, no single solution is most performant and cost-effective for every possible task in your application. In order to tap into the varying strengths of different data storage solutions, your application needs to take advantage of... read more