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Sidharth Goyal & Wren Chan

Senior Software Engineers and Technical Leads, UBS

Sidharth Goyal, Senior Software Engineer and Technical Lead at UBS, has experience in both reference data and the investment bank. He was the tech lead for the team that implemented the syncing of Neo4j with Oracle.

Wren Chan, Senior Software Engineer and Technical Lead at UBS, has helped to design and implement solutions for various reference data applications within the bank. He has been using Neo4j since 2012 and has leveraged it for a couple of solutions.

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Watch Wren Chan and Sidharth Goyal's presentation on real-time data lineage at UBS

Real-Time Data Lineage at UBS

Editor’s Note: This presentation was given by Wren Chan and Sidharth Goyal at GraphConnect New York in October 2017. Presentation Summary UBS set out to create a real-time data lineage tool in response to the new BCBS 239 regulations, which developed new risk-reporting requirements for... read more