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Sixing Huang

Triple Neo4j-Certified Bioinformatic Data Scientist and Tech Writer

My name is Sixing Huang. I studied biology and bioinformatics in Bremen. Later I worked as a bioinformatician in DSMZ Braunschweig. Now I work as a bioinformatic analyst in MGI Shenzhen. My first Neo4j project was a transcriptomic study in 2019. Since then, I have used Neo4j to study metagenomes, diseases, carbohydrate-active enzymes, antibiotic resistance, the institutional holding in Nasdaq, the Bollywood stars, and more.

Latest Posts by Sixing Huang, a Voice Chatbot for Healthcare, Powered by Neo4j and AWS

By Sixing Huang, Derek Ding, Emil Pastor, Irwan Butar Butar, and Shiny Zhu Supported by Maruthi Prithivirajan, Joshua Yu, and Daniel Ng from Neo4j Big data, machine learning, cloud, and graph databases are transforming the healthcare industry. A vast amount of relation-rich medical data is... read more