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Stefan Armbruster

Field Engineer

Stefan has spent ~15 years as a freelancing consultant, mainly focused on web applications (esp. Grails) with the last 3 years working with Neo4j. Aside from coding in the Java ecosystem, he is a passionate Linux veteran since the kernel 1.0.x days and when not coding, he cycles and is a volunteer firefighter at the local fire department, acting as team lead and instructor. He’s all geek and loves technology, good food and red wines.

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Learn how to work with both Neo4j and RDKit for the Google Summer of Code in 2018.

Integrate Neo4j with RDKit for the Google Summer of Code [2018]

We'll get straight to the point: We're looking for a student willing to participate to Google Summer of Code to develop a integration of RDKit into Neo4j. The project will be supported by one of the largest chemistry companies of the world, one of the main developers of RDKit and Neo4j,... read more