Stefan Wendin Picture

Stefan Wendin

Global Head of Business Design & Strategic Programs, Neo4j Innovation Lab

As Stefan joined Neo4j as a part of the Innovation Lab back in 2018, two
things were clear: The Intuitiveness, agility, and speed of Neo4j and graph
property model allowed him to work with data just how he would use post-it
notes for ideation, combining the empathic approach of design thinking with
hardcore data-science and prototyping, accelerating innovation, validation, and
business justification of graphs.

This, in combination with Stefan’s background within business design and
change management, driving the transformation of prestigious enterprise
companies across the world, led to the development of the Accelerator
Program. Leveraging the tactical benefits (cross-functional alignment and
speed to validation) of the Innovation Lab Sprint, Use Case training and a
Graph Data Science Lab within a strategic framework.

The Accelerator Program focuses on removing friction and uncertainty,
maximizing the transformative powers and ROI enabled by graphs.
Long gone were the endless meetings, (so-called) perfect plans, and the
dilemma that the perception of value needs to be significantly higher than cost
plus the perception of risk. After all, in theory, there is no difference between
theory and practice. In practice, there is.

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