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Sylvain Roussy

Co-organizer, Neo4j Meetup in Lyon

Sylvain Roussy is the co-organizer of the Neo4j Meetup group in Lyon, France, and the author of Neo4j Des données et des graphes – Prise en main, the French ebook introduction to Neo4j and graph databases.

Sylvain is also a contributor to the Neo4j blog.

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Neo4j provides many tools for importing data, such as LOAD CSV (from Cypher queries) and the neo4j-admin import tool. It is also possible to import data from many other systems like ElasticSearch, SQL databases, MongoDB, and CouchBase (using an APOC procedures plugin). Finally, ETL... read more

Learn Why You Should Understand “Moving Relationships,” a New Kind of Data Relationship in Neo4j

A New Way of Looking at “Moving Relationships” in Neo4j [Community Post]

Introduction A graph database is not only a simple way to store connected data, it is also a powerful tool to manage dynamic relationships between data. Since relationships are natively implemented in Neo4j, we can use them as a simple way to identify a group of connected nodes. But it is... read more