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Tara Jana

Senior Director of Product Marketing

Tara is a passionate technologist who has helped organizations with envisioning, developing and operationalizing innovative solutions through the adoption of a data driven and machine learning (ML) mindset. He’s helped developers and enterprises with enabling rapid growth scenarios through the power of the cloud, data and AI/ML – by moving from data-driven insight to foresight.

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Discover what the official release of the Neo4j GraphQL Library has to offer and learn how to get started with the library.

Announcing the Neo4j GraphQL Library: Build Low-Code GraphQL APIs Faster

As application development shifts towards modern architectures, with an emphasis on flexibility and speed to market, tools like GraphQL are redefining API design and client-server interaction to improve the experiences of developers. Modern, intelligent applications of today require APIs... read more

Neo4j has been selected as the winner of the “Graph DBS Solution of the Year” award by Data Breakthrough!

Neo4j Honored with 2021 Data Breakthrough Award for Graph DBS Solution of the Year

We are thrilled to announce that Neo4j has been recognized by the industry leading, independent market intelligence organization Tech Breakthrough as the winner of 2021 Data Breakthrough Award for “Graph DBS Solution of the Year.” Neo4j – the graph data platform market leader –... read more