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Tom Nijhof

Back End Developer at CytoSMART

Tom is a biomedical engineer by training, working as a back-end developer at CytoSMART and board member of CytoData. He is intrested in data science and drug discovery.

Latest Posts by Tom Nijhof

Combining 3 Biochemical Datasets in a Graph Database

The open measurement graph will be used to find connections between different measurements in different experiments and conditions. In a previous blog, we added chemical compounds — and their synonyms — from PubChem into the graph. In this blog, we are going to... read more

Python Packages Licenses Analysis With Neo4j

Do you ever wonder what licenses you need for your Python project? Me too! So I made a tool to figure it out.In short, every package has its license, but so do it’s dependencies and those dependencies’ dependencies. Creating a graph of dependencies is where Neo4j comes... read more

Using Neo4j to Find the Most Powerful Package

2:30 PM (Pacific Time) March 22, 2016. NPM packages broke for a few hours because Left-pad was unpublished. This showed us, as developers, that sometimes one person holds the power to break a lot. All because Left-pad was popular, but Left-pad was also used in other popular packages that were used... read more