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Yolande Poirier

Sr. Manager, Developer Community

Yolande Poirier is passionate about technology and developer communities. Her goal is to empower developers and data scientists everywhere to successfully grow their projects. At Neo4j, she runs the advocacy programs, including the Ninja program. Feel free to reach out to her on Neo4j Discord.

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20 NODES 2022 Talks You Don’t Want to Miss

We did it together! Thank you, everyone, for making NODES 2022 such a success, especially the speakers, community partners, and the folks behind the scenes. Several thousands of you enjoyed over 100 technical sessions during the 24-hour conference across all timezones with the beginner... read more

This Week in Neo4j: New Release of Neo4j 5, ETL Best Practices, NestJS Node App, Feature Engineering, Graph Embeddings, and More

We released Neo4j 5 this week! It's the next-generation, foundational database behind Neo4j Graph Database, Neo4j Community Edition, Neo4j Graph Data Science, AuraDB, and AuraDS. For developers, it offers better, easier ways to write queries with more expressive Cypher syntax. The... read more

This Week in Neo4j: Protein Interactions, Road to NODES Workshops, Native Graph Database, TypeScript, GraphQL, and More

There are only a couple of weeks left before NODES 2022, a free technical conference with over 100 sessions for developers and data scientists that runs for 24 hours across all timezones. You’ll learn from the brightest minds in graph technology and be privy to the best and most inspiring... read more

NODES Contest: Learning Is Better With Friends!

NODES is an online developer conference to teach you everything about graphs! And what better way to expand your knowledge than to share the experience with your friends? You are invited to bring your friends to attend NODES for a chance to win a cash prize. The 10 participants with the... read more

This Week in Neo4j: New GraphAcademy Course, Road to NODES Workshops, Link Prediction Pipelines, Graph Native Storage, and More

We just released the GraphAcademy course "Path Finding with Graph Data Science." This new course teaches you how to find the shortest paths between pairs of nodes and includes examples for both weighted and unweighted relationships. All the GraphAcademy courses give you practical knowledge with... read more

This Week in Neo4j: RDF, SPARQL, Pathfinder Algorithms, Graph Data Science, Predictive Analytics, and More

In this week's featured article, Agustin Martinez presents a comprehensive overview of RDF (Resource Description Framework) and LPG (Labeled Property Graph) models. He describes the various elements that exist in both models, and reviews the languages used to model, ingest, query, and validate... read more

Road to NODES Workshop Series: Oct 19 – Nov 2

Brush up your skills before NODES, our graph technology conference on Nov 16 and 17. The Road to NODES series of preparatory workshops will help you get the most out of the event. The workshops are presented by industry experts with a variety of backgrounds, so whether you are interested... read more

NODES 2022 Speaker Highlights

Join us virtually on November 16 and 17 for NODES 2022 – the best place to learn everything about graph technology. Whether your interest is in graphs fueled by machine learning, graphs for knowledge search and retrieval, or graphs leveraged for AI-based product recommendation, this 24-hour... read more

Kateryna Nesvit

This Week in Neo4j: Cypher Queries, IKEA Knowledge Graph, Linkedln Course, and More

This week we're featuring a post by biomedical engineer Tom Nijhof, who explains how his performance issues were solved by using Cypher query parameters. This allows for the query plan to be cached and reused. An important step along the way was to batch the writes using Cypher’s Unwind feature... read more

This Week in Neo4j: NFTs, Extension for Liquibase, Visualizations in Jupyter, CSV Mapping Editor, and More

This week's featured piece is about the CSV mapping editor, one of Kineviz GraphXR's most powerful tools that is especially handy if you're just getting started with Neo4j. In the video, you'll see a workflow that takes CSV data into GraphXR and writes it to a Neo4j database. Set up and start a... read more

This Week in Neo4j: GraphQL, GraphXR, Marvel Studios API, Speech to Cypher, Free Training, and More

"Full Stack GraphQL Applications," a book by William Lyon, is hot off the presses in both print and ebook formats from Manning Publications. This book shows you how to develop full stack GraphQL applications using GraphQL, React, Apollo, and Neo4j database as well as how to deploy our application... read more

Niklas Saers

This Week in Neo4j: CSV Import, Rails Integration, Better Farming, ML for Graphs, and More

In this week's newsletter, researchers at UCLA DataResolutions set out to train a model to predict team assignments of their members based on who they know in the organization. The project integrates a graph deep learning pipeline with a knowledge graph to create a complete stack of network... read more

Antonio Origlia

This Week in Neo4j: Graph Solutions, Healthcare Analytics, Recommendation Engine, Integration Tests, and More

In this week's newsletter, Chintan Desai demonstrates how the connected data capabilities of a graph database can help achieve what is either impossible or complicated with other database models. He performs analytics on a knowledge graph translated from the publicly available FDA Adverse Event... read more

This Week in Neo4j: Java, MongoDB, Microservices, Graph Theory, and More

We are pleased to announce the release of the brand new Cypher Intermediate Queries course on GraphAcademy. This course is the second in the Cypher learning path, building on the knowledge gained in the Cypher Fundamentals course by teaching you how to speed up your queries using indexes and... read more

Siraj Munir Twin4j This week in Neo4j

This Week in Neo4j: GraphQL, Low Code, Cybersecurity, Graph Refactoring, and More

Here is a selection of graph-related articles we hope you will enjoy! In Adrien Sales' blog, he explains how making his company's information system available as a graph enabled the queries and visual discoveries that changed the company culture. Tom Nijhof's chemical compound searcher is part of... read more

Announcing NODES 2022! Submit Your Talk

Last year, the NODES 2021 was buzzing with thousands of graph users who attended 85 sessions by 75 speakers from 30 different countries.This year’s fourth edition is bigger than ever:We expanded the conference with additional community speakers presenting fascinating use cases over... read more

Mark Heckler

This Week in Neo4j: Graph Data Science, Microservices, Java, Chatbot, PHP, Spring Data, and More

Summer is the perfect time to relax in the shade and enjoy inspiring talks about graphs from GraphConnect! We've just published the developer and data science presentations with business cases and in-depth tech talks. Don't hesitate to take a look; a sign-in is required. As you plan for the Fall,... read more

NODES 2022

Announcing NODES 2022!

Neo4j Online Developer Expo and Summit 2022 is a free, multi-track, two-day virtual conference of highly technical presentations by developers and data scientists solving problems with graphs. When: November 16 – 17, 2022 Save your seat Last year, the event was buzzing with 15,000... read more

Alex Jarasch

This Week in Neo4j: NODES Call for Papers, GDS Supply Chain, Code Golf, Cypher Tutorials, and More

We are excited to announce NODES 2022, Neo4j's Online Developer Expo and Summit, on November 16th and 17th! The call for papers (CFP) is open now through August 20, 2022. In its fourth edition, NODES is a two-day conference of highly technical presentations by developers and data scientists... read more

Ghlen Nagels Featured community member

This Week in Neo4j: Code Golf, GNNs, Knowledge Graph from A to Z, Link Prediction, and More

We are excited to announce Neo4j Code Golf, a Cypher coding contest with prizes totaling $27,000! Focused on optimizing code for performance, participants will write short Cypher queries to reduce time and resources, eventually leading to faster and more efficient queries. The fewer the... read more

This Week in Neo4j: Ops Manager Release, New .NET Courses, Cybersecurity, Twitter, Med Research, and More

Whether you're running a single instance of Neo4j, or multiple databases across clusters, you will be pleased to hear about the release of the Neo4j Ops Manager. This new product makes it effortless to monitor and administer all your Neo4j databases, instances, and clusters from a central... read more

This Week in Neo4j: Bloom 2.3, Graph Data Science, Java, AWS, Python, Ontology, Microservices, and More

Graph Data Science features are now available in Bloom 2.3! Just select the Graph Data Science icon and choose from the available algorithms. The GDS plugin needs to be installed on the database for self-managed users, or you can use AuraDS. To get an idea of what Bloom and Graph Data... read more

Gabriel Tardif

This Week in Neo4j: AuraDS on Vertex AI, Going Meta Series, Cypher Cheatsheet, GraphConnect Recordings, Centrality Algorithms, and More

Back in January, we previewed Neo4j AuraDS and Google Cloud Vertex AI’s partnership and demonstrated how you can build and deploy graph-based machine learning models. AuraDS is graph data science as a service now running as a managed service on top of GCP. With the Neo4j Graph Data Science... read more