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Yolande Poirier

Sr. Manager, Developer Community

Yolande Poirier is passionate about technology and developer communities. Her goal is to empower developers and data scientists everywhere to successfully grow their projects. At Neo4j, she runs the advocacy programs, including the Ninja program. Feel free to reach out to her on Neo4j Discord.

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This Week in Neo4j: GPT, NASA, Generative AI, Apache Age, Cypher, Chatbot and More

This week's newsletter features a few articles on GPT (version intentionally omitted), reflecting its increasing use with knowledge graphs. "An Ensemble Chatbot for Healthcare," by Neo4j Ninja Sixing Huang and Hong Wang, describes how crowdsourcing chatbots can produce more accurate results. In... read more

Veronica Gendner NODES Speaker

This Week in Neo4j: Recommendation, Needle, Microservices, Data Import, Data Analysis, and More

Welcome to this week's roundup! Read on for info about upcoming free trainings, as well as several good articles. Try "What is Graph Data Science?" for a good point of departure to integrate graph data science techniques into your data science team. Another suggestion is "Ingesting Big Data into... read more

This Week in Neo4j: FOSDEM 2023 Sessions, Full Stack GraphQL, Data Importer Updates, dict2graph, NeoDash on Azure, and More

This week, check out the recorded livestream reviews of Will Lyon's book, Full Stack GraphQL Applications, which is all about how to build web applications using GraphQL, React, Apollo, and Neo4j Database. Each episode of the Full Stack GraphQL Book Club series reviews a chapter of the book and... read more

James Bowkett

This Week in Neo4j: Cybersecurity Analysis, BioCypher, Graph Data Science, Kubernetes, Wardley Maps, Hume 2.17, Cypher GraphAcademy Course

Welcome to this week's newsletter, everyone! Check out the navigation of open-sourced cyber threat intelligence data with graph visualization and on-demand intelligence retrieval by Joshua Yu. Or try wrangling microbial data with Sixing Huang to create sharable graphs and accelerate the adoption... read more

This Week in Neo4j: Workshops, GPT-3, Graph Data Science Book, Bayesian KG, and More!

We are announcing a new series of workshops in March and April! On March 15, there's Intro to Neo4j, a hands-on introduction. On March 22, don't miss Intermediate Cypher Data Modeling and Importing Data, where you can learn more advanced Cypher functionality. On March 29, in Building a Routing... read more

This Week in Neo4j: Graph Data Science 2.3 Release, GraphGPT, New Courses, Recommendation Engine, Selling KGs to Execs, and More!

Graph Data Science 2.3 was just released! Check out the new features like the Minimum Directed Steiner Tree, super useful for understanding the shortest or least expensive routes when travelling from multiple locations to a specific destination. Or HashGNN, where, instead of doing neural... read more

This Week in Neo4j: Data Fabric, Mapping App Flaws, Changes in Cypher, GDS, Recommendations, Visualization, CloudQuery, and More

This week's newsletter features several interesting articles. Get started using graph visualization to execute security queries with "How to use CloudQuery for Attack Surface Management and Graph Visualization", by Jason Kao blogging for the data integration platform CloudQuery. You'll extract... read more

Sebastian Müller

This Week in Neo4j: VS Code Extension, Geospatial Data, Closeness Centrality, Project Management, and More!

This week's newsletter features tools to make your life easier using graph theory and practical applications. Top of the list is a Neo4j VS Code extension to manage connections to Neo4j instances and run Cypher queries in the IDE. You can switch your active database connection anytime, run read... read more

Chris Anthes

This Week in Neo4j: OpenAI, Deploying on GCP, Neodash, Graph Algorithms, Python, and More

Thanks for tuning in to this week's newsletter! Check out Gaston Guitart's article for developers provisioning instances on GCP. This automated deployment system for Neo4j extensions is a workflow consisting of a GCP function and a NodesJS web app. You may also be interested in Eranga... read more

Vlasta Kus

This Week in Neo4j: Website Analysis, Conversational AI, Graph Machine Learning, Facial Recognition, Graph Tutorial, and More

In this week's newsletter, you can read about constructing a real-time interactive conversational AI system. Antonio Origlia describes how graphs make it possible to cross-reference encyclopedic knowledge and dialogue corpora, representing both the domain knowledge and the way people... read more

Corey Lanum

This Week in Neo4j: HealthECCO, Graph Algorithms in Rust, Nobel Prize, AWS Lambda, Python, IntelliJ, and More

Welcome to this year's first newsletter! Here are some of this week's highlights: In "Create Dynamic Serverless Applications with Neo4j Graph Database and AWS Lambda,” you’ll learn to populate front-end applications with connected data. In the article "Extracting insights from HealthECCO... read more

This Week in Neo4j: Genealogy, ChatGPT Adventures, Dev Tools, and More

Happy Holidays! Thank you for being part of the graph community! In this year's last newsletter, we have tools, tricks, and fun stuff, and I hope you find something to make your own! Experiment along with Michael and Alexander in ChatGPT Adventures, where they coax the OpenAI chatbot to... read more

Owen Brierley

This Week in Neo4j: Typescript Course, Better Graph Displays, Using Apache Hop, and More

As far as data sources go, users are some of the best. That's why we're asking for your help with a brief survey to understand how you're using JSON data: what the sources of your JSON data are, what level of nesting your typical JSON document contains, how self-contained your JSON documents... read more

This Week in Neo4j: Visualization, Akamai, House of the Dragon, Geospatial Data, Clustering, Cypher in Neo4j 5, Testcontainers, and More

If you’re a developer building modern applications, you’ve probably heard of GraphQL. The Neo4j GraphQL Library enables rapid API development for cross-platform and mobile applications by tapping into the power of connected data. Best of all, it’s designed to be highly flexible, low-code,... read more

Estelle Scifo

This Week in Neo4j: NODES Session Recordings, Connection in Large Data Sets, Graph ML Systems, Next.js, Graph Embeddings, Bitcoin, and More

Thanks to the many creative speakers, committed partners, and engaged members from the global graph community, NODES 2022 was a great success! All video recordings from NODES 2022 are – or will soon be – online. You can now sit back and enjoy over 100 community talks from the 24-hour event.... read more

20 NODES 2022 Talks You Don’t Want to Miss

We did it together! Thank you, everyone, for making NODES 2022 such a success, especially the speakers, community partners, and the folks behind the scenes. Several thousands of you enjoyed over 100 technical sessions during the 24-hour conference across all timezones with the beginner... read more

This Week in Neo4j: New Release of Neo4j 5, ETL Best Practices, NestJS Node App, Feature Engineering, Graph Embeddings, and More

We released Neo4j 5 this week! It's the next-generation, foundational database behind Neo4j Graph Database, Neo4j Community Edition, Neo4j Graph Data Science, AuraDB, and AuraDS. For developers, it offers better, easier ways to write queries with more expressive Cypher syntax. The... read more

This Week in Neo4j: Protein Interactions, Road to NODES Workshops, Native Graph Database, TypeScript, GraphQL, and More

There are only a couple of weeks left before NODES 2022, a free technical conference with over 100 sessions for developers and data scientists that runs for 24 hours across all timezones. You’ll learn from the brightest minds in graph technology and be privy to the best and most inspiring... read more

NODES Contest: Learning Is Better With Friends!

NODES is an online developer conference to teach you everything about graphs! And what better way to expand your knowledge than to share the experience with your friends? You are invited to bring your friends to attend NODES for a chance to win a cash prize. The 10 participants with the... read more

This Week in Neo4j: New GraphAcademy Course, Road to NODES Workshops, Link Prediction Pipelines, Graph Native Storage, and More

We just released the GraphAcademy course "Path Finding with Graph Data Science." This new course teaches you how to find the shortest paths between pairs of nodes and includes examples for both weighted and unweighted relationships. All the GraphAcademy courses give you practical knowledge with... read more

This Week in Neo4j: RDF, SPARQL, Pathfinder Algorithms, Graph Data Science, Predictive Analytics, and More

In this week's featured article, Agustin Martinez presents a comprehensive overview of RDF (Resource Description Framework) and LPG (Labeled Property Graph) models. He describes the various elements that exist in both models, and reviews the languages used to model, ingest, query, and validate... read more

Road to NODES Workshop Series: Oct 19 – Nov 2

Brush up your skills before NODES, our graph technology conference on Nov 16 and 17. The Road to NODES series of preparatory workshops will help you get the most out of the event. The workshops are presented by industry experts with a variety of backgrounds, so whether you are interested... read more

NODES 2022 Speaker Highlights

Join us virtually on November 16 and 17 for NODES 2022 – the best place to learn everything about graph technology. Whether your interest is in graphs fueled by machine learning, graphs for knowledge search and retrieval, or graphs leveraged for AI-based product recommendation, this 24-hour... read more