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Yolande Poirier

Sr. Manager, Developer Community

Yolande Poirier is passionate about technology and developer communities. Her goal is to empower developers and data scientists everywhere to successfully grow their projects. At Neo4j, she runs the advocacy programs, including the Ninja program. Feel free to reach out to her on LinkedIn.

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10 Inspiring Projects to Spark Your NODES 2024 Presentation

10 Inspiring Projects to Spark Your NODES 2024 Presentation

Attention developers and data scientists! Do you have an exciting project or technique that involves graphs? If the answer is yes, we encourage you to present at NODES 2024, an online conference focused on graph-driven innovation. It's a great opportunity to share your knowledge, connect... read more

NODES 2024 call for papers is now open.

Announcing NODES 2024: Submit Your Talk

NODES, the premier developer conference dedicated to graph-powered applications and contextual AI, returns for its sixth year on November 7, 2024. Join thousands of developers and data scientists in this free, 24-hour conference to learn about the latest GenAI innovations and gain insights from... read more

This Week in Neo4j: GraphQL Course, Chatbot, App Development, PHP, Bloom Features, Embeddings, and More

Welcome to this week's newsletter! Check out the latest episode of GraphStuff.FM . The team explores knowledge graphs, highlighting their semantic nature, applications, challenges, and implementation tools - as well as the latest graph news from last month and upcoming graph technology. Try... read more

Ajmal Aziz

This Week in Neo4j: Cluster Analysis, Entity Resolution, Cloud Integrations, Docker, and More

Welcome to this week's newsletter! Take a trip on an ML pipeline and check out Matthew Filbert's blog, Entity Resolution in Reagent. How his team arrived at specific problem modeling and algorithms are interesting topics as is the pipeline walkthrough, from selection of ML type and data... read more

Donovan Bergin

This Week in Neo4j: Algorithms, GraphQL, Knowledge Graph Book, GraphStuff.FM Podcast, and More

Welcome to this week's newsletter! Check out the blog on graph algorithms by Alison Cossette (Hot Algo Summer) with clearly explained examples and easy to follow code snippets. And there's angrykoala's end-to-end technical blog (Improving a Node.js GraphQL Server Performance) on identifying and... read more

Payel Bhunia

This Week in Neo4j: Vertex AI, NaLLM, ThreatMapper, SSO, and More

Welcome to this week's newsletter! This week, you might take a look at Neo4j’s NaLLM project described in Tomaz Bratanic's blog below.  The project focuses on two primary use cases - a natural language interface to a knowledge graph and creating a knowledge graph from unstructured... read more

Payel Bhunia

This Week in Neo4j: LangChain, BigQuery, New Course for Beginners, RailsGraph, GDS Community Detection, and More

Welcome to this week's newsletter! Check out Tomaz Bratanic's latest blog about integrating graph databases into LLM applications. It covers using graph algorithms like PageRank to provide relevant answers and optimizing prompts for Cypher statement generation to retrieve relevant information.... read more

10 Ideas to Inspire Your Graph Genius at NODES 2023

Developers and data scientists, do you have a creative graph-powered project or cool graph technique? Here’s your invitation to present it at NODES 2023, the free 24-hour online conference where the community gathers to learn the latest in graph-driven innovation. This is the perfect way... read more

Zach Probst

This Week in Neo4j: OSS Dependencies, Workspace, LLM, Streaming Graph Data, and More

Welcome to the newsletter! This week, Michael Hunger graphs open-source software dependencies, an important use case within software analytics for graph databases. See the video below and read the linked blog "Analyzing Software Dependencies With deps.dev" for more information. Also in the news:... read more


This Week in Neo4j: Advanced Cypher, Data Analysis, Graphyx, GraphQL APIs, and More

Welcome to this week's newsletter! Blogger Pankaj Wahane presents some essential Cypher features for data analysis. For aggregations in Cypher, he covers SUM, AVG, MIN/MAX, and COLLECT; for counting, there's the COUNT function in Cypher to retrieve data. In the category of complex queries, he... read more

Joe Cobbs Neo4j Graph Database

This Week in Neo4j: Bluesky, Process Tempo, GraphGPT, D3.js, Pathfinding, and More

Welcome to the weekly newsletter! This week, a tutorial by Michael Hunger shows us a few tricks on model creation with JSON data from social media platform Bluesky. He runs graph algorithms (Louvain for clusters and PageRank for size/importance), lays out the graph, uses filtering and other... read more

This Week in Neo4j: Twitch, Generative AI, Star Wars, AWS, ArcGIS, and More

Welcome to this week's newsletter! You'll find a couple of items using ChatGPT as a developer assistant – but from different starting points. In "Generating Cypher Queries With ChatGPT 4 on Any Graph Schema", Tomaz Bratanic creates an experimental model in Python that generates Cypher from... read more

Mike Morley Featured Speaker in Twin4j This week in Neo4j

This Week in Neo4j: Announcing NODES 2023, Graph Training, Private ChatGPT, Kafka, NASA, LLMs, H2O and More

NODES 2023 is back for an online, non-stop, 24-hour conference on October 26th! We just opened the call for papers this week, so take a look at your current or recent projects and find a topic you would like to present. Conference content is expected to be as varied as the many use cases for... read more

NODES 2023 Is Coming in October, and You’re Invited!

NODES is back for its fifth year on October 26, 2023! It’s the biggest graph community gathering dedicated to learning how to integrate graph technologies into ML and dev projects. For 24 hours nonstop, speakers from around the world will showcase their implementations, tools, models, and... read more

David Hughes

This Week in Neo4j: Path Type, OpenSanctions, LangChain, Kubernetes, GraphXR, and More

This week, there is a new graph database plugin for IntelliJ to try out. The plugin provides useful developer features for working with graph databases, such as syntax highlighting and autocompletion for Cypher and connecting to and querying local and remote graph databases. It supports Neo4j... read more

Christophe Willemsen

This Week in Neo4j: ChatGPT 4, OpenSanctions, CloudQuery, Twitter Data, Neo4j 5 APOC, and More

Here are a couple of highlights from this week's content roundup. There's a tutorial by Sofia Vei and team analyzing Twitter data with nicely reusable Python utility functions that make the project useful for anyone doing similar ETL work. They do analysis in NEuler, the Graph Data Science... read more

This Week in Neo4j: Testcontainers, Java-Driver API, Go App, Kubernetes, SchemaSmith, Visualization App, and More

Here's a tip for faster development: use Testcontainers modules, preconfigured implementations of various dependencies to make writing your tests easier. Neo4j is proud to partner with AtomicJar and join the Testcontainers Official Modules program. More info here. If you use the Neo4j... read more

This Week in Neo4j: GPT-4, GDS, Geospatial, GraphQL, BigQuery, and More

What's happening this week? There's our fully managed graph data science cloud service Neo4j AuraDS Enterprise, available on Microsoft Azure. Now, you can integrate, analyze, and manage your graph data science pipelines using Azure Machine Learning and Azure Synapse Analytics. Here's a big... read more

Sefik Serengil

This Week in Neo4j: Big Data ETL, GNNs, Property Graph Data Models, Cypher Tutorial, and More

Welcome to this week's newsletter! Soothe your ETL hunger with "Ingesting Big Data into Neo4j". Fahran Wallace and team have really gone the distance with this project so that you can benefit from their insights at every step. On another note, how do you store and transport a property graph data... read more

Nur Aini Rakhmawati

This Week in Neo4j: GraphQL, Vercel, Next.js, Bloom, Embeddings, Neo4j Desktop, Spring Data, Workshops, and More

In this week's newsletter, check out "Full Stack GraphQL With Next.js, Neo4j AuraDB And Vercel," which serves as an additional chapter of sorts to William Lyon's book Full Stack GraphQL Applications on using GraphQL, React.js, and Neo4j. Also, try a quick tutorial on a new feature in Bloom to... read more

This Week in Neo4j: GPT, NASA, Generative AI, Chatbot and More

This week's newsletter features a few articles on GPT (version intentionally omitted), reflecting its increasing use with knowledge graphs. "An Ensemble Chatbot for Healthcare," by Neo4j Ninja Sixing Huang and Hong Wang, describes how crowdsourcing chatbots can produce more accurate results. In... read more

Veronica Gendner NODES Speaker

This Week in Neo4j: Recommendation, Needle, Microservices, Data Import, Data Analysis, and More

Welcome to this week's roundup! Read on for info about upcoming free trainings, as well as several good articles. Try "What is Graph Data Science?" for a good point of departure to integrate graph data science techniques into your data science team. Another suggestion is "Ingesting Big Data into... read more

This Week in Neo4j: FOSDEM 2023 Sessions, Full Stack GraphQL, Data Importer Updates, dict2graph, NeoDash on Azure, and More

This week, check out the recorded livestream reviews of Will Lyon's book, Full Stack GraphQL Applications, which is all about how to build web applications using GraphQL, React, Apollo, and Neo4j Database. Each episode of the Full Stack GraphQL Book Club series reviews a chapter of the book and... read more