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Zach Blumenfeld and Jaimie Chung

Data Science Product Specialist and Product Manager, Graph Data Science, Neo4j

Zach Blumenfeld is a graph enthusiast who helps data scientists, engineers, and business leaders understand and implement Graph Analytics to solve challenging business problems.

He has firsthand experience with a wide range of modern day analytical challenges, including criminal fraud detection, identity resolution, and recommendation systems. Serving in both data science and software developer capacities, Zach has applied graph computing for law enforcement and government entities in support of missions that counter drug trafficking, human smuggling, money laundering, and child exploitation. He has led the development and deployment of full stack graph systems designed to facilitate broad search and analytical query requirements.

Zach is excited to join Neo4j as Data Science Product Specialist, where he will help empower the field with Neo4j’s industry leading Graph Data Science (GDS) capabilities.

Jaimie Chung is a product manager for Neo4j Graph Data Science (GDS). Her main area of focus is user research, which helps ensure that the product roadmap is tightly aligned with customer feedback.

She has worked as an analyst in both business strategy and market research, and has experience building an analyst-centric content platform as a product manager. This enables her to understand the analytical thinkers who use GDS and to build a product for data scientists that helps them diagnose problems, find insights, and predict patterns.

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