Join Us for a Full Day of Graphs at FOSDEM 2016

The FOSDEM open source conference is the largest (5000+) gathering of users and developers of open source projects in Europe. Happening annually in Brussels, Belgium it has been home of the Graph Processing devroom for the last five years.

Every year, we have had a packed room with exciting presentations on all things graph. From graph database internals, to new graph processing frameworks, graph visualization, benchmarks and applications – we cover a lot of territory.

Discover the Schedule for the Graph Processing Room at FOSDEM 2016

We’re excited to announce the schedule for this year’s event on Saturday, 30 January. Make sure to be there for an impressive selection of talks and great speakers.

On this year’s docket: Petra Selmer and I will give an introduction to the openCypher project. We’ll also hear about graph processing using Apache Flink as well as large-scale, real-time graph analytics and benchmarking.

The Arabesque and GitHub analytics talks will cover graph data mining. And last but not least, we’ll hear from Paul Girard on his story of moving from MySQL to a graph database.

After the day full of great presentations, we will organize a small get together for members of the graph database community to chat and exchange ideas with a refreshing Belgian beer. Let us know if you want to join by RSVPing on

Schedule for the Graph Processing devroom at FOSDEM 2016 on Saturday, 30 January 2016

Event Speakers Start End
Single-pass Graph Streaming Analytics with Apache Flink Vasia Kalavri, Paris Carbone 10:45 11:35
The openCypher Project Michael Hunger, PetraSelmer 11:45 12:35
Modeling a Philosophical Inquiry: from MySQL to a graph database
The short story of a long refactoring process
Paul Girard 12:45 13:35
Real-time scalable graph analytics Frank McSherry 13:45 14:35
Arabesque: A Distributed Graph Mining Platform Georgos Siganos 14:45 15:35
Gradoop: Scalable Graph Analytics with Apache Flink Martin Junghanns 15:45 16:35
Benchmarking graph databases with gMark George Fletcher 16:45 17:35
Analyzing Github Social Interactions with Graphs
Github: Social Coding
Christophe Willemsen 17:45 18:35

With such an amazing lineup of speakers, we hope you’ll join us in the Graph Processing devroom at FOSDEM 2016. See you there!

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