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Michael and I have been on a great BeNeLux tour starting with a Meetup in Delft and another one in Antwerp with the big finale in Brussels for FOSDEM, one of the worlds geekiest unconferences. We talked at the GraphDevroom. Here some observations:

We really enjoyed the interactions with the community members at the meetups, with really interesting topics ranging from our plans for 2013ease of use and bigger data via Neo4j import via hadoop, a large visualisation roundup, use-cases like impact analysis in SOA architectures and Neo4j spatial.
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Thanks a lot to Rik van Bruggen for organizing everything and making it a pleasant stay, and of course for taking care of the beer graph.
Rik Van Bruggen

FOSDEM is a truly fantastic conference. Geeks only, no fluff anywhere, atmosphere like a morning standup with 5000 developer friends, even during your talk.

Of around 10 talks, 5 were directly about usage of Neo4j, others referred to Neo4j which felt really good for us. The GraphDevRoom was full the whole day, with 80-100 people listening.
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The best quote by Heinrich Hartmann: “We propose a new graph interchange format – zipped Neo4j database directories. :)”

We also learned a lot about things that people miss in Neo4j, mostly import/export, OLAP support and problems with dense nodes. Remoting and cypher performance are other topics that are brought up. Fortunately we’re working on most of those themes in 2013.

Some interesting projects that are Neo4j related:


A big thanks to Pere Urbon, Achim Friedland, Sebastien Heyman and Claudio Martella for the organization of the event.

We had a great time and are happy that we met so many of you even if there was little time to talk in depth. Hope to see everyone again soon.

/peter and michael




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