Graph Databases for the Greater Global Good [GraphConnect Preview]

Learn How Graph Databases Are Being Used for the Greater Global Good in This GraphConnect PreviewAs we put the finishing touches on the GraphConnect San Francisco agenda, I’ve noticed a heart-warming trend I’d like to share with you.

Several of the speakers scheduled for the conference on October 21st will describe how they use graph database technology to make the world a better place. Each of them has used graph databases to start solving important (and previously intractable) problems as wide ranging as transparency in the global food supply chain and catching international fraudsters.

This trend has even surfaced at non-Neo4j events as well.

For example, in his keynote address at this summer’s Big Data Day L.A., Los Angeles’ Chief Data Officer Abhi Nemani made the point that, “Our work is about people, not data. We use data to help people.”

At Neo Technology, our mission is simply to help the world make sense of data, and most of us joined the Neo4j endeavor because we’d like to make a positive difference on the planet. Now, with so many different organizations using graph databases for greater global good, it’s encouraging to see the difference we’ve been anticipating for years.

At this year’s GraphConnect San Francisco, there are at least four (and maybe more!) talks that cover how organizations use graph databases to do good in the world. Here they are:
We’ll be releasing the full agenda and speaker list for GraphConnect San Francisco in the coming weeks, and we’re so excited to share it with you.

There are a few big announcements about Neo4j we’ll be sharing from the stage as well – but for those you’ll have to wait till October 21st.

See you at GraphConnect!

GraphConnect San Francisco takes place on October 21, 2015 at Pier 27 and is the only conference that focuses on the rapidly growing world of graph databases. Click below to register and meet more hackers, developers, architects and data professionals from the graph database world.